Yamaha YCL-450 Intermediate Clarinet

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Featuring a bell shape and barrel design similar to that of the V Series, the YCL-450 offers a surprisingly 'professional' sound with an easy response.


Featuring a bell shape and barrel design similar to that of the V Series, the YCL-450 offers a surprisingly ‘professional’ sound with an easy response.


New 65mm barrel
The YCL-450 intermediate model clarinet incorporates some of the distinct qualities of Yamaha’s professional and custom clarinets. One of these features is a 65mm barrel design that produces a focused tone and quick response. Players looking to “step-up” their performance will do just that with this instrument.

New bell design
Nothing can be more frustrating than a soft sounding, out of tune instrument. A new resonance chamber in the bell of the YCL-450 aids in projection and improves intonation in lower notes, allowing for consistency and confidence.

“Blue” steel spring material
Intermediate instruments need to feel different than student model instruments. Part of making the YCL-450 “feel” better is the upgrade in spring material. Blue steel springs give the keys a lighter touch and feel while producing a smooth, quick action.

Sculptured, silver-plated keys
The silver-plated keys provide not only an enhanced appearance, but also a wonderful feel for the players. In order to make the keys to the appropriate strength level, a technique called power forging is used. The result of this hi-tech process are keys that are exceptionally durable and contoured to the best possible ergonomic shape.

Straight tone holes with tapered undercut
Yamaha intermediate model instruments set themselves aside with their use of professional materials and features. Straight tone holes with tapered undercuts provide outstanding intonation and response making the YCL-450 play like a pro model instrument.

Level: Intermediate
Key: Bb
Fingering: Boehm
Key System: 17 keys, 6 rings
Barrel Length: 65mm
Body: Grenadilla
Key Material: Nickel silver
Plating: Silver
Bore: Machined
Tone Holes: Straight inset type with tapered undercut
Thumb Rest: Fixed
Mouthpiece: Yamaha 4C
Mouthpiece Cap: Silver
Ligature: Silver-plated
Spring Type: Blue steel needle
Pad Type: Lucien deluxe double skin
Posts: Threaded

The Yamaha YCL-450 Intermediate Clarinet includes the following items:

  • Brand New Yamaha YCL-450 Intermediate Clarinet
  • YAC CLC-400EII Semi-hard case
  • YAC 1270 4C plastic mouthpiece
  • YAC 1600 Silver-plated ligature
  • YAC 1639 Silver-plated mouthpiece cap
  • YAC 1010P Cork grease; square box
  • YAC 1050P Linen swab for wood clarinets

Warranty Coverage
The Yamaha YCL-450 Intermediate Clarinet is covered by a Yamaha 5 year limited warranty.

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee**
We guarantee all our items to be as described and against defects. If you are not satisfied with a product, return the product within 30 days from delivery for exchanges or within 15 days from delivery for refunds.

**Restocking fees apply

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  1. Monica from FLORENCE, MS

    I just received my daughter’s clarinet in the mail. It was shipped directly from Yamaha. She has yet to play it because it is a Christmas gift, however I was 100% pleased with the customer service from Instrumental Savings. I give them a very high recommendation for Quality and Service!

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