Tygenn FL-87OB Intermediate Open Hole Flute Inline G & B Foot-Split

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The TYGENN FL-87OB Flute with split E Mechanism is the ideal flute for players who are looking to upgrade their student flute to a higher quality and better sounding instrument.

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Tygenn flutes are built to achieve better sound and playability compared to a standard beginner model flute. With features normally seen on higher end flutes such as Yamaha, Selmer, and Gemeinhardt, these instruments will allow an advancing player to have an upgraded flute without the outrageous prices of brand name instruments.

This Tygenn flute comes with an inline G, allowing easier access to the G key which will in turn help with those faster passages or licks. The Split E mechanism also facilitates playing the high E, and the B foot joint helps extend the range of the instrument. All Tygenn instruments go through a quality inspection here in the USA, and are topped off with a 5 year warranty to give all those parents and musicians who are looking at an exceptional instrument at an exceptional price with peace of mind.

This is an Open Flute with Free Plugs so you can play closed hole with the plugs in or remove them to play open hole. This also has a B foot with E mechanism.


Level: Intermediate
Body Material: Silver-plated
B Footjoint: The flute’s footjoint can be built to low C or B. The B foot reaches down to a low B, one half-step lower than the C footjoint. It has one more key and the length of the tube is extended by about one inch.
Key System: Inline G
Key Type: French (Open Hole)
Split E Mechanism: Gives more stability & better centered intonation to the High E by having the double G keys split apart but close together when playing G, and closes only the lower G when playing High E. Thus, making slurs from High A to E is made easier and playing the High E note is made simple.

The TYGENN FL-87OB Intermediate Open Hole Flute Package includes the following items:

  • Brand New TYGENN FL-87OB Intermediate Flute
  • Plugs to allow the flute to be played as a closed hole flute (great for transitioning players)
  • Hard shell vinyl case. Lush padded interior provides extra protection for your flute. Will protect instrument from minor bumps, drops, or falls.

Warranty Coverage
The TYGENN FL-87OB Intermediate Open Hole Flute is covered by 5 year warranty.

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