Novello Deluxe Student Clarinet

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The Novello Deluxe Student Clarinet is ideal for motivated beginners and is best used in school bands and orchestras.


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The Novello Deluxe Student Clarinet is an excellent option for outdoor use such as in marching band thanks to its durable Ebonite construction, which does not crack when the temperature or humidity changes. This clarinet comes with an adjustable thumb rest to help fit any size hand.


Level: Standard, or a new entry level musical instrument perfect for beginning clarinetists.

Key Of: Bb. The key of “B-Flat” is the standard key for clarinet players.

Ergonomic Features: Adjustable Thumb Rest. This allows the instrument to fit in any hand size and creates more comfort for the student.

Key System: 17 Keys 6 Rings. This is the standard system used by most clarinets.

Barrel Length: 65mm. A typical barrel measurement for an entry level player that helps produce a focused tone. The clarinet barrel is the piece that connects the mouthpiece to the upper joint.

Tone Holes: Undercut (also known as “fraised”). Undercut tone holes aid in pitch flexibility and rich tone production.

Body, Bell, Barrel Material: Ebonite. This material gives the instrument a warm sound similar to wooden clarinets. Unlike wooden clarinets that can crack when played outside due to temperature and humidity changes, this easy-to-clean material will not crack and is very durable.

Key Material and Plating: Nickel Silver sculptured spatula keys. These specially designed drop forged keys are durable and resistant to bending.

Bore: Molded, Round Shape.

Spring Type: Stainless Steel. This is the most popular material used for standard clarinet springs due to its durability, strong holding power, and resistance to rust.

Mouthpiece: Hard Rubber

Mouthpiece Cap: Plastic

Ligature: Nickel Plated Brass

The Novello Deluxe Student Clarinet package includes the following items:

  • Brand New Novello 3041N Clarinet
  • Deluxe case
  • Mouthpiece
  • Ligature
  • Cap
  • Starter Reed

Warranty Coverage
The Novello Deluxe Student Clarinet is covered by a 3 year warranty.

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Need extra protection? Want peace of mind for future instances of damage from drops?
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Weight 5 lbs

5 reviews for Novello Deluxe Student Clarinet

  1. Linda Giudice from Brooklyn , NY

    I purchased this for my granddaughter, as she is currently in two bands at school.. She was extremely happy and surprised. Having an autoimmune disease, she feels at ease not sharing with others. Thank you for a beautiful product. Music to my ears!

  2. Sarah Potempa from Midlothian, IL

    The clarinet is very nice. A little early to tell how much my daughter really likes it because she has to break it in still. It looks great though. I got it in a timely manner. Excellent job!

  3. Anonymous Person

    Arrived fast and was everything I expected it to be

  4. Anonymous Person from Tucson, AZ

    As my title suggest, the original Novello Clarinet that I ordered was back ordered, which Instrumental Savings notified of me within an hour of my purchase, they gave me the option of waiting till stock can back in or if I did not want to wait they offered me an upgrade, I did pay a little more but definitely less than if I had purchased the new clarinet outright. the shipping was quick and I was given the tracking number so that I could see its progress if I chose. The clarinet itself is of good, sturdy construction and it plays well, I got a Tygenn TCL-87II by the way.

  5. Shanee Beckless from Little Rock, AR

    My daughter loves it. Second year student and it plays wonderfully!

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