How We’re Different

How We’re Different, To Better Serve You.

Since we opened in June 2006, our music store has witnessed so many changes in our music industry.

1) More and more family music stores like us are closing down and being consolidated by big box stores where robots pick and pack their shipments in warehouses filled with other non-music related consumer products. General consumer products can be stored and be automated but this is no way to properly handle musical instruments.

We are sticking to our family music store style! We professionally perform a manual inspection and setup of each customer’s instrument before shipping. We are very proud of our traditional ways and our customers certainly appreciate our proper way of handing their instruments so they can trust their instruments will be ready to play when receiving them.

2) Sadly, money for the arts in school have been drastically reduced in so many school districts. Because of this, music programs across the nation have been hurt and making music became too expensive for families. Musical instrument prices have made it inaccessible.

Our entire mission is to make it possible for everyone to have an instrument. To do this, beyond pricing our instruments at the absolute lowest prices that we guarantee, we further created our ‘Wish Come True Fund’ by setting aside a percentage of every sale and using that money to help anyone who cannot afford our lowest sale prices. We have a dedicated person who anyone can contact. Please ATTN: WISH and email to Under this program, we have helped many individual families and even school districts. We have even used this fund for music scholarships for classrooms. We take our mission to make it possible for everyone to have an instrument very seriously because our personal belief is that instruments are the best tools for personal skills and character development for students. Please do contact us and help us make another wish come true!

3) Because of the difficult economy, many retailers have gone out of business…especially retailers who open their business for the right reasons and care about their community to make a difference. But, the reality of music stores is that this business doesn’t generate much profit and with the economy events that happened, family stores don’t have big money behind them to keep them afloat like the big box stores with big warehouses and big banks funding supporting and/or owning them.

We are very fortunate to have survived many difficult times because of the support of our customers. It is our philosophy that we only stay open if we truly matter to the community we serve and really make a difference. We don’t want to be another business that just adds to the competition of existing businesses and add no value to the community. We measure how much we matter by how many community members say we make a difference. Beyond just supporting the existing musicians, we deeply care about making music apart everyone’s life.

Currently, only 3% of our population plays music and it is such a revealing statistic to explain why so many youth today lack the life skills needed to succeed. We believe learning instruments directly teaches the life skills and character values that enhances a person’s life and achievement potential. Science has already proven the benefits to the brain so we don’t need to discuss it here but parents can quickly notice how much more their children are able to stay focused in school, retain information when listening, and have much greater character depth. The reason behind our mission to make it possible for everyone to have an instrument is because we want 100% of our population learn instruments starting with this younger generation and onward. Since you know our mission, if you know anyone who you want them to play an instrument, let us know and we can find a way to get them an instrument. We want instruments affordable and accessible. Again, we further created our Wish Come True Fund by setting aside a percentage of every sale and use that money to help anyone who cannot afford even at our lowest sale prices. Just get in touch with us.

4) While we are only the one of the few authorized dealers for the largest brands to sell nationwide as well as locally with our store, it’s becoming harder to know which web store you can trust to buy your instruments as anyone can post a picture and description on sites like eBay and Amazon. There are many unscrupulous sites that sell fake and replica instruments with big brands engraved.

We are very proud to share that we have been awarded ‘Top 100 Dealers’ nationwide by NAMM and we are also the #2 dealer on the West Coast for Yamaha and Top 10 for other major brands. We are also ranked #1 for multiple woodwinds and brasswinds categories online by Top10Reviews. With us, we like to be on a first name basis with our customers and when our customers call, they will get real store employees answering the phone. We don’t outsource our calls to anyone! We want to give our customers the trust they deserve when calling us to know they will be remembered and care for before, during, and after their purchase. We are only still in business because of the referrals from our customers. Being a family store, we cannot afford the big marketing dollars so we rely on making sure every customer is happy so they can refer and share with their friends. More importantly, when we make mistakes, we want our customers to know we will own up to our mistakes and correct them.

We are human and we do things careful with the human touch but as humans, we will make mistakes and will fix them. I guess it’s true that you will know how good we are by how we respond to mistakes. So, in the rare event a mistake happens, you can absolutely feel like family to call in and let us resolve it.

5) Instruments are not easy to buy with so many different options and prices.

We want to make it ever so easy. If you feel we can improve, contact us. We really don’t mind walking our customers over the phone for hours to truly help them get what they need and at the price that is right for them.

So on behalf of our family here at Instrumental Savings, we thank you for your time in getting to know a little bit more about us and we hope we can earn an opportunity to serve you and to fulfill our mission. Please drop by our store in Anaheim, CA and give us a call at 1-800-860-4077!

Our 3 guarantees.
Product Guarantee
While we are an authorized dealer for the many of largest global brands in the music industry, we also have regional brands that are less known where customers may not be aware of. The #1 concern we personally have for our customers are the product warranties so we can deliver on our Peace Of Mind promise to our customers, so our product guarantee is simply to guarantee any products, regardless of brand, for 1 year against any defects. Within the 1st year, our customers can just call us and we take care of any issues to ensure customer satisfaction.
Service Guarantee
We are sure after you have called us and worked with us, you will quickly realize how family-like we are with our customers. We don’t have scripts to talk to customers. We want to listen to what you need and learn how we can be helpful. We want every customer to have the 5-star experience with us. This is our value and our culture so we guarantee it. If any customer feels they are not getting the 5-Star experience from any staff member, please email the owner at, to make a direct complaint and he will resolve it.
Lowest Price Guarantee
We are our manufacturer’s authorized direct dealer so we guarantee our prices to be the absolute lowest anywhere. If you find that any of our products lower elsewhere, we’ll match it or beat it just to stay true to our guarantee with you. Obviously, many of our brands are so popular there will be fakes and replicas sold by fraudsters where we cannot authenticate them as authorized dealers, we will still try to match and help but it will be on a case by case determination. Just know, when you call us, you will be helped to the fullest extent of our abilities to help you save the most money. The number to call is 1-800-860-4077 or email with subject title be ‘Lowest Price Guarantee’.

Need extra savings?
Our owner couldn’t afford instruments when he was young so it became our company’s mission to make instruments accessible for everyone and that’s why the store name is Instrumental Savings. If you need extra savings. simply call us and share with us your need and our team will personally work something out with you. Please call 1-800-860-4077 or email with subject title be ‘Extra Savings Request.’

Family style return policy.
We are also shoppers so we know how irritating it is to return something. Because of this shared experience, we want to make it easy for our customers. Our overall philosophy and policy for returns is to treat them like our own family members. Everyone has 2 weeks to play test any of our instruments and if they are not satisfied, they can let us know and we will accept it back or exchange or cash refund. During holiday seasons such as Christmas, all orders from November will automatically have until 2 weeks after new years to play test as we will assume these are gifts that won’t be open until Santa Claus comes on Christmas morning. To start your return & exchange and the complete process and details please click here.

Immediate shipping.
We inspect and ship our orders the same day if ordered early in the day or it will be the following day if it is ordered later in the or the weekend. Only a rare few will be longer for special models. In an unlikely event it doesn’t get shipped out promptly, you can be assured to get a call or an email from us. All customers will get detailed tracking information to track their order and delivery status. Need a live status? Give us a call at 1-800-860-4077 and we’ll be happy to help.