About Us

 Our Story

Started in June 2006, I wouldn’t imagine it would be the company it is today.  Ranked #1 online flute store and #1 online clarinet store, awarded by NAMM as the top 100 US music dealer, and then be featured on Music Inc. Magazine.

We are deeply appreciative, so thank you. This is all made possible by you. Really, its customers like you that give us the chance to succeed… Like any business, there are always challenges and even more challenges for small businesses like us to be in the same industry with the big companies. Because we are small, we will work very hard to EARN your support. Please call us, email us, or visit us locally. Let us show how we can earn your business. Our local music center is in Anaheim, California at 1130 N. Kraemer Blvd Ste H. (Right next to the the Arco Gas Station at the Corner of La Palma & Kraemer Blvd.)

Here, we do not consider ourselves to be a music “store” but more like a “help center”. Yes, although we are an authorized retailer for Yamaha, Conn-Selmer, Jupiter, and many others to sell music instruments and equipment, we specialize in being over helpful. Yes, it sounds cheesy being “over helpful” but we realize that buying an instrument is very complicated so we have to be over helpful with you. With all the options and price ranges along with the pressure to ensure that the instrument you are buying is approved by music directors, instructors, or simply be a quality instrument that can meet your expectation, we must be proactive in helping you. We have created comprehensive expert guides, reports, and product FAQs for you to download for free as well be providing you with our expert’s direct phone numbers for you to call. When you order with us, you will have a dedicated person to your order so you will not worry about calling a huge call center where the person answers your phone doesn’t know you. You are family.

Just a side note, there will be times when your questions & needs can stump our team. However, the good thing about us is that we will always find unique ways to help you. It keeps our job fun and exciting. So talk to and challenge us!

Below you will find our music help center’s formal Mission Statement and Core Values that are made clear to our team:

Mission Statement
To inspire life values through music

Action Statement
We are here to provide an encouraging environment for musicians to start, grow or restart their passion for music.

Core Values

Actively seek the needs and wants of our customers so we can provide the services and products that they desire.

Here we encourage each other to live better lives, to grow in knowledge and to be empowered to do good for our customers and community.

Music celebrates life. Music celebrates diversity. Music is for all and we respect and serve all.

Our company is committed to providing affordable equipment and excellent service to all musicians in every community around the world.

We care about the families that we serve and we are dedicated to supporting our community through sponsorship, volunteering, and financial resources.

We thank you for learning more about us and you can expect your experience to be instrumental! Please contact and chat with us! Let’s be family.