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KM-5415   TKL 5415 HD Dread 6/12 String Guitar Bag
KM-5430   TKL 5430 HD Electric Guitar Bag
KM-5436   TKL 5436 HD J/P Bass Guitar Bag
KM-6100   TKL 6100 Zero-Gravity Classical Guitar Case
KM-6115XL   TKL 6115XL Zero Gravity Jumbo Guitar Case
KM-6130   TKL 6130 Zero Gravity Electric Guitar Case
KM-7600   TKL 7600 Premier II Classical Wood Shell Guitar Case
KM-7615   TKL 7615 Premier II Series Guitar Case
KM-7620   TKL 7620 Premier Jumbo Guitar Hardshell Case
KM-7805   TKL 7805 Premier Hardshell Wood Grand Concert Guitar Case
KM-7815   TKL 7815 Dreadnought Guitar Case
KM-7820   TKL 7820 Premier Series Jumbo Acoustuc Guitar Case
KM-7825   TKL 7825 Premier LP-Style Guitar Case
KM-7826   TKL 7826 Premier SG-Style Guitar Case
KM-7830   TKL 7830 Premier Rectangular Electric Guitar Case
KM-7855   TKL 7855 Premier Semi-Acoustic 335-Style Guitar Case
KM-8500   TKL 8500 Pro-Form Series Classical Acoustic Guitar Case
KM-8515   TKL 8515 Pro-Form Series Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Case
KM-8520   TKL 8520 Pro-Form Series Jumbo Acoustic Guitar Case
KM-8800   TKL 8800 Prestige Arch-Top Classical Guitar Case
KM-8820   TKL 8820 Prestige Arch-Top Jumbo Guitar Case
KM-8825   TKL 8825 Prestige Arch-Top LP-Style Guitar Case
KM-8830   TKL 8830 Prestige End-Bound Electric Guitar Case
KM-8920   TKL 8920 Professional Arch-Top Jumbo Guitar Case
KM-A4399   TKL A4399 Deluxe 1/4 Cello Bag
KM-A4403   TKL A4403 Deluxe 1/4 Bass Bag
KM-A4404   TKL A4404 Deluxe 1/2 Bass Bag
MC-STK7868   TKL Acoustic-Electric Bass Case
MC-4793   TKL Alto Saxophone Bag
KM-BC1105XL   TKL BC1105XL Roundback Bass Case
MC-DJ318   TKL Djembe 28” x 18” Bag
MC-4677   TKL Drum Bag Set
KM-GBR90-1/2   TKL GBR90-1/2 Roundback 1/2 Size Guitar Bag
KM-GBR91S   TKL GBR91S Roundback Super Shallow Guitar Bag
MC-GCHD   TKL Hardshell Dreadnought Guitar Stringed
MC-JBP95C   TKL Jumbo Guitar Hardshell Case
KM-7868   TKL Premier 17" Acoustic Bass Case
MC-73-15   TKL Premier II Series Dread 6/12 Guitar Case
KM-7835   TKL Premier Rectangular P Bass Guitar Case
MC-TKL7835   TKL Premier Series Electric Bass Guitar Case
MC-TKL7836   TKL Premier Series P J Bass Guitar Case
MC-7855   TKL Premier Series Semi-Acoustic Guitar Case
MC-TKL7826   TKL Premier Series SG-Style Guitar Case
MC-STK7816   TKL Premier Series Small Jumbo Guitar Case
MC-TKL8815   TKL Prestige Series Arch-Top Dreadnought 6/12 String Guitar Case
MC-TKL8830   TKL Prestige Series Electric, End Bound Guitar Case
MC-8500   TKL Pro-Form USA Series Classical Guitar Case
MC-TKL7855   TKL Semi-Acoustic Premier Series Guitar Case
TKL-3-4C   TKL Traveline 3/4 Size Guitar Case
MC-4792   TKL Trumpet Bag
MC-GCTD   TKL Vintage Tweed Dreadnought Deluxe Hardshell Case
MC-BIA1   TM Trumpet Valve Leather Guard
T-2111   TOCA Two Tone Wood Block with Mallet
ABMD-10   TOCA Black Mamba Djembe, Rope Tuned, 10-Inch
ABMD-12   TOCA Black Mamba Djembe, Rope Tuned, 12-Inch
ABMD-13   TOCA Black Mamba Djembe, Rope Tuned, 13-Inch
ABMD-7   TOCA Black Mamba Djembe, Rope Tuned, 7-Inch
T-CAJB   TOCA Cajon Bag, Heavily Padded Nylon Bage, Black
SFDJ-14LB   TOCA Cannon Djembe, Rope Tuned, Lava, 14-Inch
SFDJ-14BMB   TOCA Cannon Djembe, Rope Tuned, Mamba, 14-Inch
SFDMX-12AR   TOCA Freestyle Djembe, Mechanically Tuned, Abstract Red, 12-Inch
SFDJ-10F   TOCA Freestyle Djembe, Rope Tuned, Fiesta, 10-Inch
SFDJ-12F   TOCA Freestyle Djembe, Rope Tuned, Fiesta, 12-Inch
SFDJ-12WP   TOCA Freestyle Djembe, Rope Tuned, Woodstock Purple, 12-Inch
T-JDBG   TOCA Jamal Doumbek Bag
SJDKF-9S   TOCA Jamal Doumbek with Pre-Tuned Synthetic Head, Silver, 9.5-Inch
SFDL-12RB   TOCA Lightweight Series 12" Hand Drum
T-SS   TOCA Seed Shell Shaker
TSSDJ-MB   TOCA Street Djembe, Brown/Black, 10-Inch
TSSDJ-MC   TOCA Street Djembe, Cherry, 10-Inch
WD-VI-12695   Tom Petty Autographed Guitar
VT-9852   Tommy - Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, Keith Moon, John Entwistle, Eric Clapton, Tina Turner, Elton John, Jack Nicholson, Ann Margret, Robert Powell, Paul Nichols and Oliver Reed
Yamaha-Saxophone-YAS-62II   Total Package Yamaha YAS-62II Professional Eb Alto Saxophone; Hand Engraved Bell Design; Annealed Yellow Brass; Gold Baked Epoxy Lacquered
Yamaha-Saxophone-YAS-62IIS   Total Package Yamaha YAS-62IIS Professional Eb Alto Saxophone; Hand Engraved Bell Design; Annealed Yellow Brass; Silver Plated Finish
TGC500   Tour Grade ABS Molded Classical Case
TGC515   Tour Grade ABS Molded Dreadnaught Case
TGC530   Tour Grade ABS Molded Electric Case
TGPC936   Tour Grade Artist Series Deluxe Bass Case
TGPC900   Tour Grade Artist Series Deluxe Classical Case
TGPC915   Tour Grade Artist Series Deluxe Dreadnaught Case
TGPC930   Tour Grade Artist Series Deluxe Electric Case
TGXC12   Tour Grade Deluxe Arch Top Banjo Case
TGXC50   Tour Grade Deluxe Arch Top Classical Case
TGXC55   Tour Grade Deluxe Arch Top Dreadnaught Case
TGXC80   Tour Grade Deluxe Arch Top F-Style Mandolin Case
TGXC88   Tour Grade Deluxe Arch Top Guitar Case
TGXC35   Tour Grade Dlx. Arch Top 335 Style Hardshell Case
MC-AEP   Tradition Acoustic Guitar / Amp Package
11348   Translucent Rock "L" electric guitar
11385   Translucent Rock "L" electric guitar
12563   Translucent Rock "L" electric guitar
15561   Translucent Rock "L" electric guitar Lefthanded model
13130   Translucent Rock "L" Electric Guitar (Without Pickup Covers)
MC-B15-15   Tranzamp 15-Watt Bass Combo Amplifier
MC-G15   Tranzamp 20-Watt Guitar Combo Amplifier With 8-Inch Speaker
MC-G30   Tranzamp 30-Watt Combo Amplifier With 10-Inch Speaker
MC-B70   Tranzamp 70-Watt Bass Combo Amplifier With 12" Loudspeaker
MC-G8   Tranzamp 8-Watt Combo Amplifier
MC-A30   Tranzamp Acoustic Amplifier With 8-Inch Woofer
KM-G30   TranzAmp G30 30 Watt Guitar Amp
KM-PKACG10EK   Travel Ac/Elec Guitar with Gigbag
MC-AMT10   Travel Guitar
SA-TL-30   Travelite 4/4 Shaped Violin Case
SA-TL-60   Travelite Case For Classic/Dobro
SA-TL-50   Travelite Case For Dreadnought
SA-TL-75   Travelite Case for Les Paul Style Electric Guitars
SA-TL-45   Travelite Case For Mandolin F-Model
SA-TL-70   Travelite Case for S/T Style Electric Guitars
SA-TL-35   Travelite Oblong Violin Case - Arched Top
SG-TL-33   Travelite® Standard Oblong Violin Case 4/4 - Black
VT-10724   Travis, Randy
RL-UA-33   TRI-CAPTURE: USB Audio Interface
SA-AP-20   Trinity College Anglo-Design Concertina With 20 Buttons
SA-TM-375   Trinity College Long-Scale Bouzouki Outfit
SA-TM-275   Trinity College Mandola Outfit
SA-TM-250   Trinity College Mandolin Outfit
SA-TM-325   Trinity College Octave Mandolin Outfit
SA-QT-10   Trinity College QT-10 Hand - Painted Ocarina Gift Pack
SA-TG-202   Trinity College Rosewood Fingerstyle Guitar - Solid Spruce
SA-TG-_   Trinity College Spruce Top Fingerstyle Guitar - 12 Fret
MM-OB3CENSZ   Trinity River Acoustic/Electric Bass Guitar with Spruce Top
MM-TEDC_   Trinity River Double Cutaway Electric Guitar
MM-PRB75   Trinity River Drifter 3/4 Size Banjo
MM-RSN1AS   Trinity River Mudslide Resonator Guitar
MM-PRB200   Trinity River Prairie Star Full Size Banjo
MM-PB100   Trinity River Prospector Full Size Banjo
MM-TELP_   Trinity River Single Cutaway Electric Guitar
MM-TRTB1   Trinity River Tenor Banjo
CS-TROM310   TROM310 Monel Valve Trumpet
TUNS   Tuner Pickup, SF-20, Suction Cup
VT-13691   Turner, Tina "Private Dancer"
GD-3412-6B-Black   Two Tone Dos Tonos Rossetti V Six Switch 34 Button 12 Bass Sol/FA
GD-3412-6B-Red   Two Tone Dos Tonos Rossetti V Six Switch 34 Button 12 Bass Sol/FA
GD-3412-6B-RWB   Two Tone Dos Tonos Rossetti V Six Switch 34 Button 12 Bass Sol/FA
GD-3412-6B-RWG   Two Tone Dos Tonos Rossetti V Six Switch 34 Button 12 Bass Sol/FA
TYIM36CN   Tycoon Bar Chimes, 36 w/ Natural Finish
TYIM72CN   Tycoon Bar Chimes, 72 w/ Natural Finish
TYBSB   Tycoon Bongo Stand in Black
TYJSB   Tycoon Djembe Stand in Black
TYWH65   Tycoon Hammered Cowbell, 6 1/5" Silver
TYWH80   Tycoon Hammered Cowbell, 8" Silver
TYWH90   Tycoon Hammered Cowbell, 9" Silver
TYJF712CF3   Tycoon Prem Bolt Djembe, 12", Striped
TYJA713AC   Tycoon Prem Bolt Djembe, 13", AC
TYB800CG   Tycoon Prem Bongos 7" & 8 1/2", Green
TYC901SCND   Tycoon Prem Conga Set 10" & 11" CND
TYRHBP7   Tycoon Premium Bongo Head, 7"
TYRHBP8   Tycoon Premium Bongo Head, 8 1/2"
TYMCA10ACS   Tycoon Premium Conga 10", AC, with Stand
TYMCA11ACS   Tycoon Premium Conga 11", AC, with Stand
TYRHCP10   Tycoon Premium Conga Head, 10"
TYRHCP11   Tycoon Premium Conga Head, 11"
TYJRS   Tycoon Rubber End Caps for Djembe
TYRHCS12   Tycoon Standard Conga Head, 11 3/4"
TYRHCS13   Tycoon Standard Conga Head, 12 1/2"
TYJ70BN   Tycoon Std Bolt Djembe, 10", Natural
TYJ73BN   Tycoon Std Bolt Djembe, 13", Natural
TYB80CG   Tycoon Std Bongos 7" & 8 1/2", Green
TYB80CR   Tycoon Std Bongos 7" & 8 1/2", Red
TYC91SBND   Tycoon Std Conga Set 10" & 11", BND
TYRHTI15   Tycoon Timbales Head, 15"
TYTI1314AC   Tycoon Timbales, AC, 13" & 14"
TYTI1415AC   Tycoon Timbales, AC, 14" & 15"
TYTI1314B   Tycoon Timbales, Black, 13" & 14"
TYTI1314C   Tycoon Timbales, Chrome, 13" & 14"
TYTI1415C   Tycoon Timbales, Chrome, 14" & 15"
TYBW   Tycoon Tuning Wrench for Bongo & Djembe
TYCW   Tycoon Tuning Wrench for Conga
TFHM-8104L   TYGENN 8104L Bb Marching French Horn
TFHM-8104S   TYGENN 8104S Bb Marching French Horn
TFHM-8105L   TYGENN 8105L F Marching Mellophone
TFHM-8105S   TYGENN 8105S F Marching Mellophone
TBM-8106L   TYGENN 8106L Bb Marching Baritone
TBM-8106S   TYGENN 8106S Bb Marching Baritone
TEU-8107L   TYGENN 8107L Bb Euphonium
TEUM-8107S   TYGENN 8107S Bb Marching Euphonium
TTUB-8111L   TYGENN 8111L BBb Tuba
TTUB-8112L   TYGENN 8112L BBb Tuba
TTRP-8417L   TYGENN 8417L Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet
TTRP-8417S   TYGENN 8417S Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet
TTR-8418BS   TYGENN 8418BS Bb Trumpet
TTR-8418BS-1   TYGENN 8418BS-1 Bb Trumpet
TTR-8418C   TYGENN 8418C Bb Trumpet
TTR-8418HL   TYGENN 8418HL Bb Trumpet
TTR-8418HS   TYGENN 8418HS Bb Trumpet

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  • Easy to use and informative website. The videos were particularly helpful.

  • My experience with Instrumental Savings couldn't have been better. I have NEVER been this satisfied with the sale and service anywhere else, as I was here. Wonderful, caring salespeople who are also musicians, understood and responded to every question I had with this purchase. I will definitely do business with them again.

  • The Yamaha YSS-875EXSHG silver soprano sax with both new G2 necks is flat out stunning. Its keywork and intonation is remarkably excellent

  • The instrument arrived in perfect playing condition in just two weeks! That's fast! The service and price from Instrumental Savings in simply incomparable. Very knowledgeable staff!

  • Easily found what I was looking for and checkout was fast. Will give your site to everyone I know that is looking to buy any instrumentals in the future.

  • The Beautiful accordion arrived today, and I've been playing it for hours... Then, I composed 3 instrumentals on it, right in a row.

  • My takeaway: your excellent service really shines not only when things go well . . . but you and your team really went the extra mile to help ensure a great outcome when things beyond your control went south. Truly appreciated.

  • Pleased and comforted to know that when I dial the number indicated that I actually got to speak to a customer service rep. Great pricing !

  • Everything is so easy to check out and very helpful with the Video.

  • Very good detail about what I should expect. I look forward to reporting again after item received.

  • This is a first time buying on this website i found it very easy for me to find what i was looking for , what more could you ask for will done , i will be back!

  • Was very satisfied with all the details on the instruments, outstanding prices and service provided to the customer. Thank You

  • I had to call in to support and the gentleman was more than helpful, kind and EXTREMELY pleasant.

  • I saw the deal of the day and immediately wanted it. I'm very happy with how my experience went and hope to use Instrumental Savings very soon!

  • Very easy purchase,excellent tech support. This merchant did not try to over sell, they assisted to see we had the proper instrument that we needed.

  • So far I think it's great!! I'm hoping the quality is just as good as it seems.

  • Love this site! My son has been taking violin lessons for 6 months, and we rented a violin instead of buying to be sure he was going to stick with it.

  • I've researched the item before making my purchase. I found Instrumental Savings to be the best site for customers like myself who are not music savvy

  • Good selections and good prices. good explanation of each item. Very easy to place an order.

  • I was really pleased with the prices. I spent two hours on the internet price shopping and they are definitely the best.

  • I am really satisfied, they called me right back last night for one order and called today to verify my order. The reason I placed another order today.

  • I was looking for a deal on a beginner's guitar and happy with the pricing on the Johnson guitar.

  • Very fast and easy for locating items and checkout. Checked several sites and kept coming back to this one.

  • Easy to order, good pricing hope that that Christmas exchanges will be given a little more time than 30 days so that one can purchase in advance.

  • great! one item was back ordered, but when I said it was for an event, I got everything in time to perform at my event! very happy!

  • Was impressed with selection and pricing.

  • great....ordering was fast and I expect the products will be shipped as soon as possible. Thanks

  • Outstanding price and free shipping for an unusual item. Phone service was excellent - even waited while I completed online order to take my order number.

  • A great instrument on the web. Is my first time and I will recommend this web to a lots of students. As a single mom the prices are good for any ones budget.

  • It was so easy to place my order, and I feel safe with this credit card in this site.

  • Straight forward order process. Really like the video presentation of the item.


  • My sons birthday wish to get a violin and to start playing again. Hope to save up money to buy another one for his son.

  • They knew about the products they are selling and took time with my questions. To me, this is a sign of a reputable company.

  • They got the best price for clarinets and flutes. I also bought an accordion. I like my experience overall and would recommend them."

  • I even called and spoke to a "Charles" by phone for a question. He was extremely polite, professional, and friendly. Also was helpful.

  • Order arrived promptly. I did contact them and they were very accommodating. Great merchandise, terrific price.

  • Great on-line Customer Experience. Brittany via on-line chat steered me in the right direction. Thank you!

  • It was very easy to order for your company. I look forward to doing business again.

  • Wonderful! Went without any problems, service was quick, and sales help guided me through. Very helpful.

  • The instrument was exactly what I ordered. The Rosetti pocket trumpet is a cool little practice horn. InstrumentalSavings sent my horn out right away. I'd buy from them again.

  • Your site is easy to use and place orders. thank you.

  • o Far so good. A hard to find instrument found and shipped to the US Virgin Islands. That is often the hardest part. Thanks shipping and website person.

  • I very please with this web site I would tell friends about it.

  • I've had super experiences with Instrumental Savings. I would recommend them to others.

  • good site to buy instruments very easy to do your shopping and great prices i am very happy to porch my new saxophone. thank you.

  • I have looked on many websites for my sons new clarinet and this was the only one with not only great reviews but awesome prices for the instrument.

  • Placing my order was easy,and so far everything is what I have anticipated. would order again. Thank-You

  • just finished, so far - so good. The ordering process was easy. ------------- I bought this for my great granddaughter for Christmas.¦

  • This is my first experience with Instrumental, but so far I am impressed.

  • I'm really impressed with the nice stocks of music, especially since they come with an automatic guarantee. I appreciate the quality of this web site.

  • This was really easy for me. I'm not real good with computers and searching but this was a easy website to navigate.

  • The associate (Brittany) was very helpful and made my shopping experience very easy and enjoyable. Thanks again for all the help and easy access.

  • Had great customer service- i had question on billing and guy was very nice and answered my question honestly

  • Good search engine website very easy to use and quick

  • I did a lot of looking for a cello stand for my daughter. This website seemed the most reasonable priced without compromising quality.

  • Easy on-line ordering - did not have to fight the crazy people this morning!

  • So far it has been painless. My final opinion will rest on what happens from here on out

  • I've searched all over for a Spanish guitar pitch pipe for my baritone ukulele and they had it without any fuss ! great!!

  • I found their website easy to use and had great explanation of their products. I was able to make a comparison of the product I was searching for.

  • So far, I really liked the website. It was easy to use, intuitive, and I am looking forward to receiving the trumpet for my daughter.

  • I don't think I have ever placed an order for anything that went so smooth.

  • Fast ordering and the chat line was fast and helpful.

  • I love the fact that by shopping with this merchant, It pays my school a percentage!

  • I thought this website and business was a great place to find my son his instrument for his birthday/Christmas gift.

  • Wonderful company. Fast shipping and great products!

  • This website explained the product in detail and easy to understand. The prices were very affordable.

  • I was able to find what I was looking for very easily here and for a reasonable cost. I am so far very pleased with the service..

  • Love the customer service! I am so glad I called them. And I was able to pickup my order from their warehouse.

  • When my order appears, I will be totally satisfied, but will wait for that before I am 100% satisfied.

  • Upon ordering I received notice of availability and advised of shipping information. Once order was processed, they advised me of shipping date. The merchandise was delivered within the 5 days from order date.

  • great prices, lots of product. waiting to see when guitar arrives

  • instrument as described, packaging was good, shipping fairly timely.

  • This website explained the product in detail and easy to understand. The prices were very affordable.

  • i love this place ill be back to order more from here soon

  • I was very excited to see the low prices and low shipping costs and look forard to buying more instruments through you!

  • No problem with understanding how instrument was made or how it should look when it arrives. Placing order was smooth and quick

  • Great inventory, high quality manufacturers, very generous pricing spread and easy web site to navigate.

  • so far, so good. I'm really hoping (but not expecting) expediting shipping because it's Christmas.

  • Simple and expedient. Customer service was easy to contact and talk to and very helpful in providing explanations.

  • I was so pleased to find exactly what I wanted for my 5yr old granddaughter for Christmas for the best price included shipping And in the color I wanted! Thanks!

  • I bought, it arrived safely, they shipped quickly, and I'm happy. Can't really ask for more than that.

  • Absolutely wonderful. Will definitely do business with them again and looking forward to it in the future. The childrens piano I ordered was not available in the colors I wanted but they called me and asked if I would consider another and had my order shipped to me by Christmas!!! We have a very happy little Mozart!!!!! Thanks!

  • the bottom line is known when I get my order, but everything looks good at this point

  • Well presented; all information I required was easily accessible. I liked the free shipping and the additional discount. Hope it arrives before Christmas!

  • So far so sales tax, free shipping, price guarantee. All that and easy to order site. I just hope it comes in time for start of school music program!

  • Been looking for a Sitar online for days. This was the best web site and value.

  • great website and pricing certainly a lot easier than going to a music store and better pricing

  • Item was backordered- they called to confirm I would be willing to wait, which I appreciated (many stores will simply take my $ and backorder the item silently, leaving me wondering weeks later where my item was...)

  • The merchant answered my phone inquiry quickly and was very helpful.

  • I found what I wanted at a good price. I did not expect such a quick delivery - that was great. The product was what I expected. I am very pleased.

  • This is the best deal I found on the item I bought (atomic student Xylophone). Some site are selling as high as $64.

  • I have purchased from InstrumentalSavings more than once. My sitars have been of excellent quality and value for the price.

  • I had no problems. Ordering was easy on line and I received my product within the 7 to 10 business days as they indicated. My daughter will find out how well the instrument works out for her when school starts and she is using it everyday.

  • i just love the service that this store delivers a AAAAA++++++

  • Wonderful service and easy transaction. Would highly recommend Instrumental Savings to friends and associates.