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MC-CA32   MBT CA32 Light Controller
MC-MBTCD1   MBT CD Case With Different Color
MC-CHASE8C   MBT Chase-8 Controller For Remote Opration
MC-CHASE8   MBT Chase-8 Relay/Timer Controller
MC-3711V   MBT Chipboard Mandolin Case
MC-755P   MBT Chipboard Softshell Case Dreadnought Plush Lined
MC-336V   MBT Chipboard Strat And Tele Style Guitar Case
MC-152V   MBT Classical Chipboard Hard Case
MC-DPP4   MBT Disco Party Pak Light
MC-DJCS   MBT DJ Coffin And Stand
MC-DJ416   MBT DJ-Lighting Package With Footswitch
MC-FCP38DMX   MBT DMX Foot Control Lighting System
MC-RB310_   MBT Economy Rotating Beacon
MC-ME2270-1   MBT Eight Different Gobos Celebrator Light
MC-ME2200   MBT Fifteen Multi-Colored Lenses Enticer Light
MC-FLEXIPAR_   MBT Flexipar Light - Made Of Thick Aluminum
MC-154V   MBT FlightForm Chipboard Economy Guitar Auditorium Case
MC-155V   MBT FlightForm Chipboard Softshell Case Dreadnought
MC-SM100DMX   MBT Flurry Snow Machine
MC-OS801   MBT Focused Gobo Spot Light
MC-ME3690-1   MBT Forty-Four Multi-Colored Beams Triple Rascal Light
MC-ME4400-1   MBT Four Moons Light
KM-GBN60   MBT GBN60 Nylon Dreadnought Guitar Bag
MC-ME2230-1   MBT Gobosync Linkable Light
MC-ME9150-1   MBT Gyro Copter - Weight 17.6 lbs
MC-HZ1TC   MBT Hazer Time Controller
MC-BBL1   MBT High Output BBL1 Bubble Machine
MC-ST8000_   MBT High Powered Strobe Light
MC-IC4   MBT IC4 Stage Color Mix Light
MC-ME2604-1   MBT Interesting Effect Orbiter Light
MC-529STL   MBT Left-Handed Chipboard Case
MC-332V   MBT Les Paul Style Chipboard Case
MC-MBTEBCL   MBT Lightweight Molded Electric Bass Guitar Case
MC-MBTEGCL   MBT Lightweight Molded Electric Guitar Case
MC-MBTLP1   MBT LP Case With Different Color
KM-MBT1902   MBT MBT1902 2 Space Rackmount Case
KM-MBT1904   MBT MBT1904 4 Space Rackmount Case
KM-MBT1908   MBT MBT1908 8 Space Rackmount Case
KM-MBT1912   MBT MBT1912 12 Space Rackmount Case
KM-MBT300C   MBT MBT300C Acoustic Guitar Case
KM-MBT512P   MBT MBT512P 1/2 Size Polyfoam Violin Case
KM-MBT534P   MBT MBT534P 3/4 Size Polyfoam Violin Case
KM-MBT544P   MBT MBT544P 4/4 Size Polyfoam Violin Case
KM-MBTAGB   MBT MBTAGB Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Bag
KM-MBTAGBH   MBT MBTAGBH Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Bag
KM-MBTAGC   MBT MBTAGC Dreadnought Hardshell Guitar Case
KM-MBTAGCL   MBT MBTAGCL Lightweight Molded Guitar Case
KM-MBTAGCP   MBT MBTAGCP Polyfoam Acoustic Guitar Case
KM-MBTCGBH   MBT MBTCGBH Classical Guitar Bag
KM-MBTCGCP   MBT MBTCGCP Polyfoam Classical Guitar Case
KM-MBTCGCWBK   MBT MBTCGCWBK Wood Classical Guitar Case
KM-MBTCL   MBT MBTCL Clarinet Case
KM-MBTEBC   MBT MBTEBC Hardshell Electric Bass Case
KM-MBTEBCL   MBT MBTEBCL Electric Bass Guitar Hardshell Case
KM-MBTEBCP   MBT MBTEBCP Polyfoam Electric Bass Guitar Case
KM-MBTEGB   MBT MBTEGB Electric Guitar Gig Bag
KM-MBTEGBH   MBT MBTEGBH Electric Guitar Gig Bag
KM-MBTEGC   MBT MBTEGC Hardshell Electric Guitar Case
KM-MBTEGCL   MBT MBTEGCL Molded Electric Guitar Gig Bag
KM-MBTTB   MBT MBTTB Trombone Case
MC-BBL2   MBT Mini Bubble Machine
MC-ME2007-1   MBT Mini Dancer-II Light
MC-FL4   MBT Mini-Hanging Flame
MC-MB12   MBT Mirror Ball - 12" Glass Ball Disco Ball
MC-MB16   MBT Mirror Ball - 16" Glass Ball Disco Ball
MC-MB20   MBT Mirror Ball - 20" Glass Ball Disco Ball
MC-DJ403   MBT Mobile Dimming Perfect Starter System
MC-MBTEBC   MBT Molded Electric Bass Guitar Case
MC-ST7500DMX   MBT Monster 750-Watt Strobe DMX Light
MC-ST7500C   MBT Monster Strobe DMX Controller
MC-ME8500-1   MBT Multi-Colored Beam Sunflower Light
MC-ME3680   MBT Multi-Colored Beams Rascal Light
MC-ME4000-1   MBT Multi-Colored Dichroic Itsy Bitsy Light
MC-RC100   MBT Multi-Function Rope Light Controller
MC-PRO416_   MBT Par-56 More Powerful Lighting System
MC-SS1_   MBT Perfect Portable One-Nighter Lighting System
MC-P154CW-1   MBT Pin Spot Package With 4-Color Wheel
MC-337V   MBT Precision Bass Chipboard Case
MC-BNL600   MBT Professional Assistant Lamp
MC-FMJ4_   MBT Professional Fog Fluid-Unscented
MC-FCP56_DMX   MBT Professional Foot Controller Lighting System
MC-MBT19_   MBT Rackmount Case
MC-FL1   MBT Realistic Looking Flame
MC-LZ300   MBT Red Laserbot Light With 3-Internal Motors
MC-ME7100-1   MBT Roller-Type Effect Roll-r Derby Light
MC-ME2252-1   MBT Round Dome Star Ray Light
MC-ME2150-1   MBT Shimmer Effect Light
MC-PARPACK   MBT Simplified Par-Pack Light
MC-FL2   MBT Six-Feet Tall Standing Flame
MC-ME2503-1   MBT Small Size Moon Bug Light
MC-RC50   MBT Speed Controller
MC-ME1100-1   MBT Stationary Moonflower Effect Gleamer Light
MC-ME2502-1   MBT Superior Ventilation Warrior Light
MC-RB360_-1   MBT Twin Beam Rotating Beacon
MC-ME2300   MBT Two Effects In One FantaStar Light
MC-SPOT-1   MBT Two Focusing Lenses Followspot
MC-PST10   MBT Up To 10-Feet Professional Portable Trussing Set
MC-PST12-1   MBT Up To 12-Feet Professional Portable Trussing Set
KM-VGB500   MBT VGB500 3/4 Size Guitar Bag
KM-VGB502   MBT VGB502 Dreadnought Size Guitar Bag
KM-VGB503   MBT VGB503 Concert Size Guitar Bag
KM-VGB520   MBT VGB520 Soprano Uke Bag
KM-VGB521   MBT VGB521 Baritone Uke Bag
MC-MBTCGCWPT   MBT Vintage Classical Guitar Case
MC-MBTEBCWPT   MBT Vintage Electric Bass Guitar Case
MC-MBTEGCWPT   MBT Vintage Electric Guitar Case
MC-MBTAGCW1   MBT Wood Acoustic Guitar Case
MC-MBTEBCW1   MBT Wood Electric Bass Case
MC-MBTEGCW1   MBT Wood Electric Guitar Case
MC-MBTCGCW1   MBT Wood Guitar Case
VT-12335   McCartney, Paul "Blackbird Singing" - 2001 First American Edition inscribed "To Bill, all the best
VT-10029   McCartney, Paul "Freedom" unframed sheet music
VT-5819   McCartney, Paul "Give My Regards To Broad Street" signed poster
VT-12946   McCartney, Paul "Give My Regards To Broad Street" unframed album
VT-9944   McCartney, Paul "My Brave Face" unframed 1989 45 Record Promo
VT-12056   McCartney, Paul "Off The Ground" unframed sheet music
VT-9858   McCartney, Paul "Press" unframed album
VT-13017   McCartney, Paul "Red Rose Speedway" unframed album
VT-11942   McCartney, Paul "World Tour 1989-1990" - signed program
VT-13209   McCartney, Paul Hofner bass replica - signed Jay Turser Hofner bass replica
VT-10996   McCartney, Paul photo - signed photo taken by Linda McCartney
VT-12072   McClean, Don "American Pie" unframed sheet music
RL-MDS-4   MDS-4: Drum Stand for TD-4S
VT-11388   Meat Loaf "Bad Attitude" unframed album
HMGA-BB   Meghan Harp TM Back Board
KM-93305   Mel Bay 93305 Fun with the Harmonica Book
YCDMHG   Mel Bay You Can Teach Yourself Dulcimer, DVD
YCDHAM   Mel Bay You Can Teach Yourself Hammered Dulcimer, DVD
YCHARP   Mel Bay You Can Teach Yourself Lev Harp
YCUKE   Mel Bay You Can Teach Yourself Uke
MC-93262   Mel Bay® "Fun With" Guitar Instruction Book
MC-94304   Mel Bay® "You Can Teach Yourself" Dulcimer Book
LHPR   Mel Bay's Basic Harp for Beginners
LHPC   Mel Bay's Celtic Music for Folk Harp
LBLK   Mel Bay's Complete Balalaika Book with CD by Bibs Ekkel
LDCC   Mel Bay's Cripple Creek Dulcimer Book
LDFL   Mel Bay's First Lesson for Hammered Dulcimer, Book and CD
LBON   Mel Bay's Fun With Bongos Book and CD
LOCM   Mel Bay's Fun with the Ocarina
LPSD   Mel Bay's Play the Bowed Psaltery DVD/BK
LDDG   Mel Bay's The Didgeridoo Book and CD by Paul Beuscher
WD-VI-10310   Melissa Etheridge Autographed Guitar
WD-VI-7182   Melissa Etheridge Autographed Guitar
VT-8954   Mercury, Freddie - signed magazine page
LDP-TKO-101MP   Metallic Purple Junior 5 Piece Drum Set w/ Throne & Sticks for kids
WD-VI-11560   Metallica Autographed Guitar
VT-7637   Metallica drumhead - James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Lars Ulrich & Jason Newsted
VT-13735   Metallica guitar - Black S101 electric guitar signed by James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Jason Newsted and Kirk Hammett
MM-T5005TC   Mexican Flag Color Piano Key Accordion
MC-LE1S   Mic-Eze DJ Light With Black Color
MM-V9413   Micro Blaster Light
MC-6170   Micro Clarinet And Saxophone Utility Kit Saxophone
RL-MICRO-CB-RX   MICRO CUBE BASS RX Portable Bass Amplifier
MC-6093   Micro Deluxe Lined Saxophone Strap
MC-7352   Micro Glide Side
MC-7325   Micro Lacquer Polish
MC-6060   Micro Pad And Cork Cement
MC-5304   Micro Pad Flute Set
MC-6053   Micro Screwdriver Small
MC-7316   Micro Trombone Snake
HP-MICRO-BR   MICRO-BR Digital Recorder, 4-track, MP3 compatible
DBAL   Mid-East Finger Doumbek with Tunable Head, Aluminum, 5-by-8-Inch
RMWR34   Mid-East 34 World Rhythms by Carlos Roberto
DTAC   Mid-East Accent Drum Table, Rope Tuned Skin Head, Rosewood 28-by18-Inch
AFGR   Mid-East Afghani Rebab
AFGB   Mid-East Afghani Rebab Bridge
AFGP   Mid-East Afghani Rebab Pegs, Set of 6
AFGR-D   Mid-East Afghani Rebab, Deluxe
MDE06-BK   Mid-East Alexandria Doumbek, Black
MDE13F   Mid-East Alexandria Doumbek, Fiberskyn Head, Belly Dancer on Mother of Pearl, 10.6-by-17-Inch
MAADF-BK   Mid-East Alexandria Doumbek, Fiberskyn Head, Black, 10.6-by-17-Inch
MAADF-BL   Mid-East Alexandria Doumbek, Fiberskyn Head, Blue, 10.6-by-17-Inch
MAADF-BZ   Mid-East Alexandria Doumbek, Fiberskyn Head, Bronze, 10.6-by-17-Inch
MAADF-FG   Mid-East Alexandria Doumbek, Fiberskyn Head, Forest Green, 10.6-by-17-Inch
MAADF-GD   Mid-East Alexandria Doumbek, Fiberskyn Head, Gold, 10.6-by-17-Inch

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  • Easy to use and informative website. The videos were particularly helpful.

  • My experience with Instrumental Savings couldn't have been better. I have NEVER been this satisfied with the sale and service anywhere else, as I was here. Wonderful, caring salespeople who are also musicians, understood and responded to every question I had with this purchase. I will definitely do business with them again.

  • The Yamaha YSS-875EXSHG silver soprano sax with both new G2 necks is flat out stunning. Its keywork and intonation is remarkably excellent

  • The instrument arrived in perfect playing condition in just two weeks! That's fast! The service and price from Instrumental Savings in simply incomparable. Very knowledgeable staff!

  • Easily found what I was looking for and checkout was fast. Will give your site to everyone I know that is looking to buy any instrumentals in the future.

  • The Beautiful accordion arrived today, and I've been playing it for hours... Then, I composed 3 instrumentals on it, right in a row.

  • My takeaway: your excellent service really shines not only when things go well . . . but you and your team really went the extra mile to help ensure a great outcome when things beyond your control went south. Truly appreciated.

  • Pleased and comforted to know that when I dial the number indicated that I actually got to speak to a customer service rep. Great pricing !

  • Everything is so easy to check out and very helpful with the Video.

  • Very good detail about what I should expect. I look forward to reporting again after item received.

  • This is a first time buying on this website i found it very easy for me to find what i was looking for , what more could you ask for will done , i will be back!

  • Was very satisfied with all the details on the instruments, outstanding prices and service provided to the customer. Thank You

  • I had to call in to support and the gentleman was more than helpful, kind and EXTREMELY pleasant.

  • I saw the deal of the day and immediately wanted it. I'm very happy with how my experience went and hope to use Instrumental Savings very soon!

  • Very easy purchase,excellent tech support. This merchant did not try to over sell, they assisted to see we had the proper instrument that we needed.

  • So far I think it's great!! I'm hoping the quality is just as good as it seems.

  • Love this site! My son has been taking violin lessons for 6 months, and we rented a violin instead of buying to be sure he was going to stick with it.

  • I've researched the item before making my purchase. I found Instrumental Savings to be the best site for customers like myself who are not music savvy

  • Good selections and good prices. good explanation of each item. Very easy to place an order.

  • I was really pleased with the prices. I spent two hours on the internet price shopping and they are definitely the best.

  • I am really satisfied, they called me right back last night for one order and called today to verify my order. The reason I placed another order today.

  • I was looking for a deal on a beginner's guitar and happy with the pricing on the Johnson guitar.

  • Very fast and easy for locating items and checkout. Checked several sites and kept coming back to this one.

  • Easy to order, good pricing hope that that Christmas exchanges will be given a little more time than 30 days so that one can purchase in advance.

  • great! one item was back ordered, but when I said it was for an event, I got everything in time to perform at my event! very happy!

  • Was impressed with selection and pricing.

  • great....ordering was fast and I expect the products will be shipped as soon as possible. Thanks

  • Outstanding price and free shipping for an unusual item. Phone service was excellent - even waited while I completed online order to take my order number.

  • A great instrument on the web. Is my first time and I will recommend this web to a lots of students. As a single mom the prices are good for any ones budget.

  • It was so easy to place my order, and I feel safe with this credit card in this site.

  • Straight forward order process. Really like the video presentation of the item.


  • My sons birthday wish to get a violin and to start playing again. Hope to save up money to buy another one for his son.

  • They knew about the products they are selling and took time with my questions. To me, this is a sign of a reputable company.

  • They got the best price for clarinets and flutes. I also bought an accordion. I like my experience overall and would recommend them."

  • I even called and spoke to a "Charles" by phone for a question. He was extremely polite, professional, and friendly. Also was helpful.

  • Order arrived promptly. I did contact them and they were very accommodating. Great merchandise, terrific price.

  • Great on-line Customer Experience. Brittany via on-line chat steered me in the right direction. Thank you!

  • It was very easy to order for your company. I look forward to doing business again.

  • Wonderful! Went without any problems, service was quick, and sales help guided me through. Very helpful.

  • The instrument was exactly what I ordered. The Rosetti pocket trumpet is a cool little practice horn. InstrumentalSavings sent my horn out right away. I'd buy from them again.

  • Your site is easy to use and place orders. thank you.

  • o Far so good. A hard to find instrument found and shipped to the US Virgin Islands. That is often the hardest part. Thanks shipping and website person.

  • I very please with this web site I would tell friends about it.

  • I've had super experiences with Instrumental Savings. I would recommend them to others.

  • good site to buy instruments very easy to do your shopping and great prices i am very happy to porch my new saxophone. thank you.

  • I have looked on many websites for my sons new clarinet and this was the only one with not only great reviews but awesome prices for the instrument.

  • Placing my order was easy,and so far everything is what I have anticipated. would order again. Thank-You

  • just finished, so far - so good. The ordering process was easy. ------------- I bought this for my great granddaughter for Christmas.¦

  • This is my first experience with Instrumental, but so far I am impressed.

  • I'm really impressed with the nice stocks of music, especially since they come with an automatic guarantee. I appreciate the quality of this web site.

  • This was really easy for me. I'm not real good with computers and searching but this was a easy website to navigate.

  • The associate (Brittany) was very helpful and made my shopping experience very easy and enjoyable. Thanks again for all the help and easy access.

  • Had great customer service- i had question on billing and guy was very nice and answered my question honestly

  • Good search engine website very easy to use and quick

  • I did a lot of looking for a cello stand for my daughter. This website seemed the most reasonable priced without compromising quality.

  • Easy on-line ordering - did not have to fight the crazy people this morning!

  • So far it has been painless. My final opinion will rest on what happens from here on out

  • I've searched all over for a Spanish guitar pitch pipe for my baritone ukulele and they had it without any fuss ! great!!

  • I found their website easy to use and had great explanation of their products. I was able to make a comparison of the product I was searching for.

  • So far, I really liked the website. It was easy to use, intuitive, and I am looking forward to receiving the trumpet for my daughter.

  • I don't think I have ever placed an order for anything that went so smooth.

  • Fast ordering and the chat line was fast and helpful.

  • I love the fact that by shopping with this merchant, It pays my school a percentage!

  • I thought this website and business was a great place to find my son his instrument for his birthday/Christmas gift.

  • Wonderful company. Fast shipping and great products!

  • This website explained the product in detail and easy to understand. The prices were very affordable.

  • I was able to find what I was looking for very easily here and for a reasonable cost. I am so far very pleased with the service..

  • Love the customer service! I am so glad I called them. And I was able to pickup my order from their warehouse.

  • When my order appears, I will be totally satisfied, but will wait for that before I am 100% satisfied.

  • Upon ordering I received notice of availability and advised of shipping information. Once order was processed, they advised me of shipping date. The merchandise was delivered within the 5 days from order date.

  • great prices, lots of product. waiting to see when guitar arrives

  • instrument as described, packaging was good, shipping fairly timely.

  • This website explained the product in detail and easy to understand. The prices were very affordable.

  • i love this place ill be back to order more from here soon

  • I was very excited to see the low prices and low shipping costs and look forard to buying more instruments through you!

  • No problem with understanding how instrument was made or how it should look when it arrives. Placing order was smooth and quick

  • Great inventory, high quality manufacturers, very generous pricing spread and easy web site to navigate.

  • so far, so good. I'm really hoping (but not expecting) expediting shipping because it's Christmas.

  • Simple and expedient. Customer service was easy to contact and talk to and very helpful in providing explanations.

  • I was so pleased to find exactly what I wanted for my 5yr old granddaughter for Christmas for the best price included shipping And in the color I wanted! Thanks!

  • I bought, it arrived safely, they shipped quickly, and I'm happy. Can't really ask for more than that.

  • Absolutely wonderful. Will definitely do business with them again and looking forward to it in the future. The childrens piano I ordered was not available in the colors I wanted but they called me and asked if I would consider another and had my order shipped to me by Christmas!!! We have a very happy little Mozart!!!!! Thanks!

  • the bottom line is known when I get my order, but everything looks good at this point

  • Well presented; all information I required was easily accessible. I liked the free shipping and the additional discount. Hope it arrives before Christmas!

  • So far so sales tax, free shipping, price guarantee. All that and easy to order site. I just hope it comes in time for start of school music program!

  • Been looking for a Sitar online for days. This was the best web site and value.

  • great website and pricing certainly a lot easier than going to a music store and better pricing

  • Item was backordered- they called to confirm I would be willing to wait, which I appreciated (many stores will simply take my $ and backorder the item silently, leaving me wondering weeks later where my item was...)

  • The merchant answered my phone inquiry quickly and was very helpful.

  • I found what I wanted at a good price. I did not expect such a quick delivery - that was great. The product was what I expected. I am very pleased.

  • This is the best deal I found on the item I bought (atomic student Xylophone). Some site are selling as high as $64.

  • I have purchased from InstrumentalSavings more than once. My sitars have been of excellent quality and value for the price.

  • I had no problems. Ordering was easy on line and I received my product within the 7 to 10 business days as they indicated. My daughter will find out how well the instrument works out for her when school starts and she is using it everyday.

  • i just love the service that this store delivers a AAAAA++++++

  • Wonderful service and easy transaction. Would highly recommend Instrumental Savings to friends and associates.