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Entire Package Yamaha New 62 YTS-62III Professional Bb Tenor Saxophone; New Hand Engraving; Gold Lacquered Finish

Yamaha YTS-62III Professional Bb Tenor Saxophone

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Entire Package Yamaha New 62 YTS-62III Professional Bb Tenor Saxophone; New Hand Engraving; Gold Lacquered Finish

Whenever things get a face-lift & renowned workhorses get a revamp ... the music world gets keyed up knowing that the legendary Yamaha brand has some bombshell to release for 2013. Yes, Yamaha has just set its debut on its "New 62" series of professional saxes. To recall, Yamaha's ingenuity has transfigured professional saxophones and has come up with bestsellers for more than 30 years when its 62 model saxes & their ancestors have redefined the market with superior quality and durability since the release of YTS-61 in 1969, and the introduction of the YTS-62 in 1979, followed by the upgrade in 2003 with the YTS-62II.

Now it's 2013, and Yamaha's state-of-the art expertise has just refurbished the YTS-62II into a superior quality YTS-62III at such a reasonable price. The new Yamaha YTS-62III Professional Bb Tenor Saxophone has just been slated for shipping in the market this March 2013. This gold plated professional tenor sax model comes with a New 62 Style Neck for ease of playability and greater control, improved Low B-C# Connection for precise key adjustments, adjustable Front F key for enhanced alternate fingerings, a backpack-style case for easy transport, and a new hand-engraving on its bell indicating Yamaha's unparalleled customization. But one should admit that once professional features get combined with affordable price along with quality and durability of a musical instrument, then such creation is worthy of any musician's attention worldwide ... and for decades.

Yamaha YTS-62III Saxophone Features:

New 62 Style Neck provides ease of play and greater control. It is specifically designed to appeal to a broader range of saxophonists with its quick response and comfortable flow of air brought about by its slightly narrower bore, so that every player can attain a solid tonal core.

Adjustable Front F Key allows liberty and comfort in doing technique and alternate fingerings for the player.

Improved Low B-C# Connection allows for more precise key adjustments and ensures the proper seal for these notes thereby promoting a clear response throughout the instrument's low range.

New Hand Engraved Bell Design provides a customized look with elegance.

Yellow Brass material used for the body, neck, keys, and ligature warrants the saxophone with corrosion resistance, high material strength, and great acoustics.

Backpack-Style Case offers contemporary looks and greater ease of transport. It provides extra storage in an outside pocket for music and supplies, along with backpack straps and shoulder strap for maximum portability. It is precisely molded to each instrument providing a snug fit & jarring-free.

Yamaha Saxophone YTS-62III Specifications


Professional Level instrument that is made for saxophonists with professional level of expertise in sax playing.


“Bb”. The regular notes are called "concert pitch" which are played by non-transposing instrument in the key of “C”. But Tenor Saxophones are transposing instruments which are tuned higher or lower than what the regular notes would be. Thus, the same "C" marked for the Tenor saxophone in "Bb" will be heard like "Bb".


New 62 Style Neck. Provides ease of play and greater control. Has narrower bore for quick response & easy airflow thereby allowing a player to attain a solid tonal core.

Neck Material

Yellow Brass. Yellow Brass is used as the material for the sax’ neck along with YTS-62III's other parts which is created from copper and zinc that gets known to be resistant to corrosion and presented with notable strength. Its high malleability or capacity to bend under compressive stress along with great acoustic properties has made this alloy a perfect material for musical instruments like the saxophone.

Body Material

Yellow Brass. Yellow Brass material guarantees the body with durability, superb acoustics, and high resistance to corrosion.


Gold Lacquered Finish. The gold lacquer finishing provides YTS-62III a more resilient finish highly resistant to wear on top of its lustrous elegance.


Yellow Brass. The part of the sax that is flared is the bell made from Yellow Brass that gives its resilience on top of its outstanding acoustic properties.

Bell Decoration

New Hand Engraving Design. The YTS-62III model boasts of the ornate adornment that is hand engraved on its bell enhancing its customized classy look.

Key Material

Yellow Brass. It is resilient due to the material used. Meanwhile, keeping hands clean prior to playing & wiping off keys with a non-silver burnishing cloth but just a clean dry cloth after play are useful tips to its preservation.

Key Buttons

Polyester. This is the material used in the circular inlays of the Key Buttons that gives a durable, high-gloss finish. All Key Buttons’ individual functions must be totally mastered by the saxophonist to produce music by pressing these buttons, keys and levers while blowing through the mouthpiece.

Auxiliary Keys

Adjustable Front F Key; High F# Key. The YTS-62III is equipped with these auxiliary keys needed to facilitate technique in alternate fingerings especially in Altissimo Fingerings.
Fingerings are the varied finger combinations of pressing buttons, keys, and levers in sax playing to produce music, while Altissimo is an Italian word for “very high”, with notes based on the 3rd, 4th, and high-level harmonics. Saxophone Altissimo is basically measured as any note that is higher than written high F# which is considered to be the highest note in the saxophone's regular range.


Yamaha TS4C Mouthpiece. Manufactured from a lightweight plastic material, this mouthpiece is resilient which requires less cleansing efforts and promotes quality sound production.

Mouthpiece Cap

Gold Lacquered. Serves as the mouthpiece’ protection from molds formation and stale odors which must be kept clean together with the mouthpiece before and after use.


Gold Lacquered. A tiny belt of metal that seamlessly fit on varied mouthpieces including the Yamaha 4C mouthpiece which is used to fasten the mouthpiece to the saxophone reed.

Tone Holes

Drawn. Drawn tone holes enable less effort in sound production & carrying of the instrument compared to those with soldered tone hole rings that require extra metal and generate resistance in sound creation.

Pad Type

Waterproof leather and wool felt with plastic tone boosters. Quality pad type that guarantees effective sealing of tone holes upon pressing the keys. Keeping pads in top condition requires having clean hands before play and wiping off moisture on pads with cleaning cloth and pad savers after play.

Spring Type

Blue Steel Needle. Assures a rust-free, well-made steel needle springs with quality grasping strength in shutting and in releasing tone holes open with ease.

Thumb Hook

Adjustable plastic. Ensures students’ comfort in reaching all keys and reducing finger-strain.

Pivot Screw

New Bullet Point, Headless. Provides easy adjustment.


Heat Welded. Promotes stability of mounted parts attached.


Basic Parts
of the Saxophone

Left & Right Hands Fingering Scheme
Highlighting the Front F & High F# Auxiliary Keys

As our valued customer, you’ll get the following inclusions that comprise the complete package upon your order:

  • Brand New, Sealed, Yamaha YTS-62III Professional Bb Tenor Saxophone
  • Backpack-Style Case
  • Yamaha TS4C Mouthpiece
  • Gold Lacquered Mouthpiece Cap
  • Saxophone Neck Strap
  • Gold Lacquered Ligature
  • Complete Saxophone Maintenance Kit

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Saxophones are woodwind musical instruments which are classified into 4 types:

1. Soprano- a smaller saxophone with a high pitch, such as the YSS-475II, YSS-875EXHG,YSS-875EXHGB, YSS-875EXHGS, YSS-82Z, YSS-82ZB, YSS-82ZS, YSS-82ZU, YSS-82ZR, YSS-82ZRB, YSS-82ZRS, YSS-82ZRU.

2. Alto- a slightly larger saxophone with a medium pitch, such as the YAS-26, YAS-480,YAS-62II, YAS-62IIS, YAS-62III, YAS-62IIIS, YAS-875EX, YAS-875EXB, YAS-875EXS, YAS-82Z, YAS-82ZWOF,YAS-82ZB, YAS-82ZS, YAS-82ZU, YAS-82ZUWOF, YAS-82ZII, YAS-82ZIIS, YAS-82ZIIWOF, YAS-82ZIIB,YAS-82ZIIU,YAS-82ZIIUWOF.

3. Tenor- a larger saxophone with a medium-low pitch, such as the YTS-26, YTS-480,YTS-62II, YTS-62IIS, YTS-62III, YTS-62IIIS, YTS-875EX, YTS-875EXB, YTS-875EXS, YTS-82Z, YTS-82ZWOF,YTS-82ZB, YTS-82ZS, YTS-82ZU, YTS-82ZUWOF, YTS-82ZII, YTS-82ZIIS, YTS-82ZIIWOF, YTS-82ZIIB, YTS-82ZIIU YTS-82ZIIUWOF.

4. Baritone- the largest saxophone with the lowest pitch, such as YBS-52, YBS-62, YBS-62S.

Saxophones are specifically manufactured and classified according to the saxophonists' level of expertise:

1. Standard Saxophones - are entry level Saxophones intended for new beginners, such as YAS-26, YTS-26.

2. Intermediate Saxophones - are Saxophones purposely designed for players with skills above the beginner level but not at par with professional sax players yet. These include the YAS-480, YTS-480, YBS-52, YSS-475II.

3. Professional Saxophones - are specifically created for the pro in sax playing. These include YAS-62II, YAS-62IIS, YAS-62III, YAS-62IIIS, YTS-62II, YTS-62IIS, YTS-62III, YTS-62IIIS, YBS-62, YBS-62S.

Yamaha Custom Ex Saxophones - are saxophones exceptionally crafted by Yamaha from an exclusive brass alloy for an exceptional resilience and superior response, intonation, and projection that comes along with its with highly specialized features. These include: YSS-875EXHG, YSS-875EXHGB, YSS-875EXHGS, YAS-875EX, YAS-875EXB, YAS-875EXS, YTS-875EX, YTS-875EXB, YTS-875EXS.

Yamaha Custom Z Saxophones - are Yamaha's highly developed series of saxes made exclusively from a special brass alloy for a lighter weight, great playing "feel", & tonal flexibility which every saxophonist most desired. These include: YSS-82Z, YSS-82ZB, YSS-82ZS, YSS-82ZU, YSS-82ZR, YSS-82ZRB, YSS-82ZRS, YSS-82ZRU, YAS-82Z, YAS-82ZWOF, YAS-82ZB, YAS-82ZS, YAS-82ZU, YAS-82ZUWOF, YTS-82Z, YTS-82ZWOF, YTS-82ZB, YTS-82ZS, YTS-82ZU, YTS-82ZUWOF,YAS-82ZII, YAS-82ZIIS, YAS-82ZIIWOF, YAS-82ZIIB, YAS-82ZIIU,YAS-82ZIIUWOF, YTS-82ZII, YTS-82ZIIS,YTS-82ZIIWOF, YTS-82ZIIB, YTS-82ZIIU, YTS-82ZIIUWOF.


Suit your taste with the following Yamaha Saxophone Finishing:

1. Gold Lacquer - The most popular to date is the standard gold lacquer version. The lacquer adds a bit of resistance to the vibrations of the horn & provides a dark, centered tone.

2. Silver-Plating - The silver-plating by nature adds some weight to the instrument because of the addition of the extra metal. This additional weight does not actually make tone darker but adds brilliance & projection.

3. Black Lacquer - The black lacquer process differs from the standard lacquer process only in the actual color of lacquer applied to the instrument. This model sounds very similar to the gold lacquer version but contains a more subtle, dark tone.

4. Gold-Plated - The saxophone is first silver-plated then finally gold-plated. The addition of 2 layers of plating creates a very dark, lush & warm tone.

5. Unlacquered - The absence of lacquer and/or plating allows the saxophone to vibrate more freely and overall sounds brighter & louder than the gold lacquered while still maintaining a warm overall tone. (Only available on Z series saxophones.)

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User friendly and informative website although I placed my order by phone. The customer Rep (Omar) was very helpful providing additional information at the time of sale.

I've returned to playing after many years. I have played Buesher and Selmer alto saxophones in the past. Now I have both Yamaha alto and tenor saxophones and like their rich tone combined with excellent smooth playability.

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