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Full Package Yamaha YSL-354 Standard Bb Tenor Trombone; 0.5" Bore; 8" Yellow Brass Bell with Detachable Balance Weight; Clear Lacquered Finish

Yamaha YSL-354 Standard Bb Tenor Trombone

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Quality instruments need not be that expensive. For decades, Yamaha has been true to such advocacy. That is why, when Yamaha's state-of-the-art engineering built a standard tenor trombone model such as the Yamaha YSL-354 Standard Bb Tenor Trombone which features many of the qualities of its top pro models—affordability is never a problem.

This standard clear lacquered model is built from Yellow Brass with laser-fused pluzuma-welded bells, chrome-plated nickel-silver inner slide, one piece drawn brass outer slide, & unique slide lock design—giving this YSL-354 all the reasons to brag for its durability, quick response, accurate intonation, and ability to produce rich & full sound. European models have nickel silver outer slides while other territories have outer slides made of brass.

Equipped with great sound & easy playability at such an affordable price ... what more can a new musician ask for from the YSL-354?

Yamaha YSL-354 Trombone Features:

Chrome-Plated Nickel-Silver, Drawn Yellow Brass Inner Slide provides better response & durability.

One-Piece Drawn Yellow Brass Outer Slide maintains an accurate diameter throughout its length & this type of construction ensures, airtightness, smooth action, & exceptional durability, and adds better sound resonance.

One-Piece Inner Slide Stockings guarantee's airtight slide construction, offer smoother slide action & better alignment, even in the extended 6th & 7th positions.

Long-lasting Nickel-Silver Tubular Braces contribute to the stability of the slide & enhance smooth slide action.

Large, Easy-to-hold Nickel Silver Bracing guards against possible slide damage if the instrument is dropped, and lessens player's fatigue while at play.

Unique Slide Lock Design, typical to all Yamaha trombones, keeps the slide locked in place & prevents it from accidentally falling.

Mouthpipe with Special Acoustic Design allows for precise intonation & greater blowing control.

Balancer perfectly proportions the instrument's weight. Detachable and enhances comfort & ease of play.

Superb Weight Distribution makes the trombone easier to hold & more comfortable to play with for beginners.

Pressure Formed, Perfectly Rounded Tubing results in less turbulence and a smoother air flow, thus allowing for excellent scale and reduced resistance.

Laser-Fused Pluzuma Welded Bell allows continuous even vibrations due to the fusing of the brass together, through high-energy laser, for a virtually seamless bell .

SLC-180 Trombone Case is precisely molded for the instrument to provide a snug fit & prevent jarring.

Yamaha Trombone YSL-354 Specifications


Standard Tenor instrument which is built and designed for the entry level musician.


"Bb"; Transposing. The regular notes are called "Concert Pitch" which are played by non-transposing instrument in the key of "C". The Yamaha YSL-354 Standard Bb Tenor Trombone is among the transposing instruments which are tuned higher or lower than what the regular notes would be. Thus, the same "C" marked for the YSL-354 will be heard like "Bb".


0.500". Standard for an entry level trombone which requires the least amount of air to produce a sound. The bore size measures the inner diameter of the trombone's tubing, and is measured by thousands of an inch.

Bell Diameter

8". Typical diameter for an entry level trombone bell. The bell is the large flare opening at the top of the instrument. It is where the sound comes out when the player blows into the mouthpiece. Its flared shape helps amplify the sound produced.

Bell Material

Yellow Brass; One-piece. Yellow Brass is created from an alloy of 70% Copper & 30% Zinc that gives a brighter tone & brilliant gold color aside from its high acoustic properties.

Body Material

Yellow Brass. Provides durability, resilience, corrosion resistance, and great acoustic properties with a bright tone for the instrument. It is recommended, once a month, to disassemble the instrument (make sure you know how to assemble it back) & run the parts under lukewarm soapy water to get rid of unwanted deposits, then dry with a clean cloth.


Clear Lacquered Finish. The finish protects & preserves the trombone's appearance. This type of finish provides a deep & dark sound.

Inner Slide

Chrome-Plated Nickel-Silver. Its one-piece & airtight construction allows smooth slide action & precise alignment even in the extended 6th & 7th positions.

Outer Slide

Yellow Brass; Drawn. One-piece with an accurate diameter maintained throughout its length for smooth action, durability, and added resonance.

Pistons / Rotors

Nickel Plated Pistons provide durability & resilience with quick & accurate response.


SL48 Trombone Mouthpiece. The mouthpiece provides a balanced design for versatile symphonic playing as this fits for baritone and euphonium as well.


Medium. Fits the small bore of the trombone.


Light. Well suited for entry level players.


SLC-180 Trombone Case. Precisely molded to provide a snug fit & prevent jarring of the instrument.


Detachable Balance Weight enhances comfort & ease of play due to a perfectly proportioned instruments' weight by its detachable balancer; Laser-fused Pluzuma Welded Bell for continuous, even bell vibrations; Drawn Inner Slide from Chrome-Plated Nickel-Silver for better durability & response; One-piece Drawn Yellow Brass Outer Slide for accurate diameter & better resonance; Unique Slide Lock Design safely locks the slide in place.

As our valued customer, you'll get the following:

  • Brand New, Sealed, Yamaha YSL-354 Standard Bb Tenor Trombone
  • YAC SLC-180 Trombone Case
  • YAC SL48 Baritone/Trombone/Euphonium Mouthpiece
  • YAC 1035P Maintenance Kit; Trombone; Slide Cream
  • YAC 1036P Maintenance Kit; Trombone; Liquid Cream

Warranty Coverage
The Yamaha YSL-354 Standard Trombone is covered by a Yamaha 5 year limited warranty.

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