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EMS Gothic Harp, 29 Strings, Early Music Shoppe Design Schoenhut 15-String Harp (Cherry or Pink)
List Price: $789.00
Our Price: $645.20
Our Price: $245.50
EMS Gothic Harp, 29 Strings Schoenhut 15-String Harp Cherry or Pink TP-C1019
This is an authentic gothic harp, designed by The Early Music Shop, U.K., from iconographical examples of the French Gothic Harps.  The body, arm and pillar are Rosewood and the soundboard is spruce.  There are 29 DupontT Nylon stings.  Unlike modern harps, the gothic harp is not strung from the back.  Each string is held into the soundboard by tension and a small button topped peg.   This is a non-standing lap harp with delicate lines.  The graceful arm and pillar are accented with fluid curves.  You will love this beauty.  40 inches long by 20 inches deep.  The base of the resonator is 5.25 inches wide by 2.25 inches deep. Tuning tool included.

model C1019P
color Pink & Cherry
description 15 String Harp w/ bench
UPC# 65-2730-10192-4
product dimensions (LxWxH inches) 9 x 14 x 27
package dimensions (LxWxH inches| Cube) 9 x 16 x 30 | 2.50
weight in lbs. 11
ages 6 Years and up

At 27 inches high, this beautifully constructed, lightweight instrument is an excellent choice for a child's first harp. The design of its curved sides and spacious box, along with a range of 15 notes (from C to C), permits playing a wide variety of music in haunting, melodic tones. 15 Nylon strings, fully tunable by way of zither pins and a zither pin wrench. Includes: Bench and Tuning Wrench

DOBANI Didgeridoo, PVC, Colord Bands DOBANI Didgeridoo, PVC, Hand Painted Geometric Design
Our Price: $27.90
Our Price: $33.90
Didgeridoo, PVC, Bands Didgeridoo, PVC, Hand Painted Geometric
1 5/8" x 47 1/2" with a 2 3/4" bell.  Includes rubber mouthpiece and cover. 1 5/8" x 47 1/2" with a 2 3/4" bell.  Includes rubber mouthpiece and cover.
DOBANI Didgeridoo, PVC, Hand Painted Lizard Design Roosebeck Hailey Harp TM Nylon Case
Our Price: $33.90
List Price: $79.90
Our Price: $63.92
Didgeridoo PVC Hand Painted, Lizard EMS Hailey Harp TM Nylon Case
1 5/8" x 47 1/2" with a 2 3/4" bell.  Includes rubber mouthpiece and cover. Nylon padded quilt carrying case for storage or travel.
Mid-East Tar, 16-Inch Egyptian, Goatskin Tycoon Bar Chimes, 72 w/ Natural Finish
Our Price: $59.90
Our Price: $189.00
Tar, 16" Egyptian, Fishskin Tycoon Bar Chimes, 72 w/ Natural Finish
Tar, 16 inch, Egyptian, Goatskin (Item Code: TARE) Inside tunable rosewood frame Tar with goatskin head. Comes with a nylon zippered carrying case and a tuning tool. Made in Egypt. Frame size is approximately 16 inch diameter. This drum is typically played with the fingers in the style of a deff.
If you prefer the use of a beater, they are sold separately.
Great for studio use; a must for every band.  Designed with a double row of 72 Chrome-Plated Aluminum Alloy Bar Chimes.  The Natural wood finish adds to the look.  Bar chime striker included. You will love the sustain that you get.   25 inch wide frame with 36 bars ranging form 10 inches long to 3 inches long in a double row.  Stand not included.