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Full Package: ODOCA Handmade Violin Outfit 4/4 -1/4 Sizes-Professionally Set Up (Best Value Violin) Acoustico AV100 Professionally Setup Violin Outfit 1/4 - 4/4 Sizes
List Price: $599.00
OUR PRICE: $578.40
List Price: $599.00
OUR PRICE: $339.99
ODOCA MAPLE Violin Outfit Acoustico AV100 Violin Outfit

Our best selling affordable violin!

This special package includes all the necessary accessories for any violin player to begin playing and advancing. If you are looking for a good violin without the hassle of trying to piece things together, this is for you.

  • Violin
  • Case and bow
  • Tygenn Digital Tuner
  • Collapsable Shoulder Rest
  • Premium Rosin
  • Extra String Set (Only 4/4 and 3/4 Sizes)

The Acoustico AV100 Student Violin Outfit is the perfect violin for students playing in school and for home lessons, offering a worry free experience for the entry level player. Professionally set up, the Acoustico AV100 is the solution for parents looking for an affordable violin for their child.

Violin: Hand made, Professionally Setup and ready for playing; Spruce Top, Maple back, sides and neck; integrated fine tuners

Bow: Brazilwood with Rosewood Frog and Mongolian horsehair

Case: Light weight design and covered with black nylon exterior for additional protection against rain or drink spills.

2 years
Odoca OVL-200 Limited Rosewood Handmade Violin Package YAMAHA Deluxe Violin AV5 Outfit w/ ABS Upgraded Case - MINT/Used
List Price: $759.00
OUR PRICE: $659.95
OUR PRICE: $849.99
Odoca Rosewood Handmade Full Setup w/ Upgraded Package Used Yamaha Violin Model AV5 4/4
The Odoca OVL-200 is constructed of season aged wood, ebony fingerboard, carbon fiber tail piece and rosewood fittings (pegs and chinrest). Fitted with deluxe upgraded steel core strings. Also includes premium bow and case as well as rosin and clip-on chromatic tuner.

  • Top: Spruce
  • Bottom: Two-piece maple
  • Finish: Oil varnish (offers a smoother sound, and is more durable )
  • Ebony fittings
  • Setup: Expert shop adjustment to meet or exceed MENC standards
  • Sizes: Available in full (AV5-44), three-quarter (AV5-34), and one-half sizes (AV5-12)
  • Outfit Contents: Yamaha case with Glasser fiberglass bow and rosin (helps the strings vibrate and smoothly produce a tone by adding grip to the horsehair.)

ODOCA OVL-200 Ebony Handmade Professionally Setup Violin Package All Sizes (Teacher's Choice Violin) TYGENN USA AVL-100 Violin w/ Case & Bow Package (1/16-4/4 All Sizes)
List Price: $699.00
OUR PRICE: $599.00
List Price: $799.00
OUR PRICE: $661.00
Plus Instant Mfg Rebate Extra $75 Off
Gift Card Code: RBC15TYGENN
ODOCA OVL-200 Professionally Setup Violin Package TYGENN USA AVL-100 Violin w/ Case & Bow Package
YAMAHA AV5 SKU Student Violin TYGENN USA AVL-200 Violin w/ Case & Bow Package
OUR PRICE: $799.00
May Qualify for $50-$100 Rebate & 0% Financing
List Price: $999.00
OUR PRICE: $953.00
Yamaha AV5 SKU Student Violin TYGENN AVL-200 Violin w/ Case & Bow Package


Below are good skills to learn and develop with playing the violin

Set-up vs. Not set-up

Set-up means that the bridge is shaved and pre-cut to fit the violin and strings. It is set in its place, and the strings (not tuned) will have enough tension to hold the bridge in place while shipping.

NOT set-up
means the bridge comes unattached and needs to be fitted into the violin.

*It is best to have an expert do this the first time, as the pressure from the strings could collapse the violin if the bridge is installed incorrectly.

IMPORTANT: The following are the brands that will be professionally set up before shipping Odoca, Tygenn, and Yamaha.

All other brands will have some model set up while some not be set up. It will be stated in the description.


Violins come in several different sizes
: 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/10, and 1/16.
The different sizes are meant for younger students learning violin, and they will switch to larger sizes as they grow.

The 4/4 is the full-sized violin and is meant for musicians around age 9 to adult.
To determine which size violin would be best for your student, have them hold their left arm straight in front their body (as if holding a violin). Measure from their neck to the middle of their left palm (where a violin would be).

Sizing Measurements:

4/4 size (23.5”+)
3/4 size (22” to 23.5”) ages 9-11
1/2 size (20” to 22”) ages 6-10
1/4 size (17.6” to 20”) ages 4-7
1/8 size (17.1” to 17.5”) ages 3-5
1/10 size (15 3/8” to 17”) ages 3-5
1/16 size (14” to 15 3/8”) ages 3-5


Case, Bow, Rosin will be included for all Odoca, Tygenn, and Yamaha

The rosin is applied to the bow hair and gives it grip, without it the hair will not produce enough friction to make the strings sound.

Shipping & Tuning

Violins are not tuned before shipping to protect them from possible shipping damage.

Violins are tuned (low to high) G,D,A,E. The pegs are friction fitted, not geared like a guitar, so the musician has to be careful when turning the tuning pegs. Use the friction as a “lock” and only turn the peg when it is not “locked” in position.

If buying for a student:

Recommended violins for students who are "not-yet-personally-committed" to an instrument:
Recommended violins for students who express personal commitment to play for years
(Intermediate - Advanced)