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What you need to know about Ukulele

1.)  Know what size ukulele you want, and what level would best suit you. 

2.)  Ukuleles come in soprano, concert, alto, and baritone.  The most popular size is the soprano ukulele.  We have affordable beginner ukuleles as well as professional ukuleles with electrical pickups, so choose the instrument that suits your needs best.

3.)  Don’t buy the cheapest ukulele you find if you’re looking for a high quality instrument.  Ukuleles are popular gifts for children, so many of the low end instruments are meant for that purpose.  When tuning your ukulele, do not over tighten the strings, they will break.

4.)  Ukuleles have unique tuning: G,C,E,A.  Felt picks can be used with ukuleles, but are not necessary.  Since ukuleles are generally small instruments, they do not need straps like guitars.  Many ukuleles have nylon strings, but steel strings are available someone wants to replace their stock strings. 

5.) We offer a large selection of the top brands of ukuleles.  We also have all the accessories that you will need so you can get your shopping done all in one place.

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