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Novello Tenor Saxophone Lacquer TYGENN TS-87 Intermediate Bb Tenor Saxophone
List Price: $1,599.00
Our Price: $954.99
List Price: $1,999.00
OUR PRICE: $1,599.00
Novello Tenor Saxophone In Lacquer TYGENN TS-87 Intermediate Bb Tenor Saxophone
  • Easy-blowing, tenor instrument made for budget-conscious students
  • Rare High F# key for playing in the higher register
  • Fast-action keys provide great ease of play
  • Metal resonators allow the instrument to speak easily with a rich tone
  • Polishing cloth, body cap, mouthpiece with cap, and extra reed make starting play easy
  • Yamaha Saxophone maintenance kit, white cleaning gloves, and a lightweight case with straps maintain instrument quality
  • 3 year warranty from Novello against defects
The TTS-87 Tenor saxophone features a high F# key and rocker-style octave key mechanism. Includes a molded hard case, with a black exterior with a black plush interior for extra protection of the instrument.

Complete Package Yamaha YTS-26 Standard Bb Tenor Saxophone; Nickel-plated Keys, Yellow Brass Body with Gold-lacquer Finish Inclusive Package Jupiter 689GN Standard Bb Tenor Saxophone; Tilting G#-Bb Table Keys; High F Key; Nickel-Plated Keys; Lacquered Brass Finish
OUR PRICE: $2,680.00
May Qualify for $50-$100 Rebate & 0% Financing
OUR PRICE: $2,290.00
Yamaha YTS-26 Standard Bb Tenor Saxophone Jupiter 689GN Standard Bb Tenor Saxophone
The new YTS-26 Standard Bb Tenor Saxophone is perfectly made for new saxophonists. The YTS-26 is built from the corrosion-resistant Yellow Brass material with a durable redesigned neck receiver, adjustable thumb-rest, and nickel-plated keys. This model is designed to deliver response, tone and intonation with enhanced Low B-C# connection that enables a beginner sax player perform with ease.

Jupiterwith its parent company, KHS Musical Instrument Co., Ltd., founded in 1930—has been one of the world's largest manufacturer of musical instruments to date. With its products made only from the best materials taken from varied parts of the world, it is now producing world-class products in highest quality without compromise.

True to such words, the Jupiter 689GN Standard Bb Tenor Saxophone is precisely built by well-trained artisans. This model has been adjusted to the finest tolerances after assembly to ensure that it performs flawlessly. Although this standard tenor is designed for beginner players, its advanced features are proven fitting for progressing saxophonists too.

The 689GN model's durability is due to its lacquered brass body, nickel-plated keys and upper & lower stack adjustment screws. Furthermore, the tenor sax' comfortable playability is enhanced through its tilting G#-Bb table keys & adjustable thumb rest. Additionally, the model's brighter sound is owed to its metal tone boosters, while its foremost protection comes from a well-molded KC-67P sturdy wood-frame case.

Equipped with a mouthpiece chiefly engineered from Germany, the 689GN is accurately designed to endure the severity of student player usage and particularly tested in the real world.

Yamaha YTS23 Tenor Saxophone Outfit (Best Selling Student Tenor Sax) - used/MINT Selmer TS600 Student Tenor Saxophone - USED / MINT
List Price: $2,117.00
OUR PRICE: $1,845.13
List Price: $2,650.00
OUR PRICE: $1,987.50
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Yamaha YTS23 Tenor Saxophone
  • Adjustable thumb rest
  • Refined key shape and dimension
  • Adjustable key guard felts
  • Power-forged keys
  • Tapered pivot screws
  • Nickel-plated keys
  • Clear lacquer body
  • Nickel-plated keys
  • High F# key
  • Rocking table key mechanism with articulated C# adjusting screw
  • D404 mouthpiece
Selmer 'Prelude' Student Model TS711 Tenor Saxophone Selmer Step-Up Model STS280RB Tenor Saxophone (Black Nickel Plate)
List Price: $2,273.00
OUR PRICE: $1,189.00
List Price: $3,980.00
OUR PRICE: $2,989.00
Prelude Tenor Saxophone TS711 Selmer Tenor Saxophone STS280RB
Enjoyable and affordable, the Prelude tenor saxophone is designed with the beginning musician in mind. The Selmer TS711 Tenor Saxophone key design allows for correct and comfortable hand position. The yellow brass body includes ribbed construction and a detachable reinforced body-to-bow connection for added strength and durability. Prelude bore design enhances projection. Designed as an affordable option for beginning band students, the Prelude series of entry-level instruments combines value and performance. All instruments are built to stringent specifications and supported by our ongoing commitment to service. Each outfit includes instrument, necessary accessories, and care & maintenance instructions.

The Selmer LaVoix II story is about sound. Your sound. Express yourself through a voice based on the great Selmer tradition. Selmer LaVoix II saxophones are fun to play because they sound great, respond even better, and play in tune. Period. These soprano, alto, tenor and baritone models are capturing the interest of today’s upcoming artists and delivering a modern French sound at an exceptional price. The STS280RB is identical to the STS280R, except that the black lacquer provides a unique look and darker tone. These instruments incorporate the "right" features, resulting in instruments that are lighter in weight and deliver all the performance demanded by today’s top players. The acoustic response of Selmer LaVoix II saxophones is quick and fluid through all registers and the neck is specially designed with slight resistance. This combination provides for superior response, and teachers also prefer it for embouchure and air stream development. Key design is compact with professional spring tension for quicker facility. Other features include a traditional bell flare, high F# (G on soprano), mini-rib construction (except soprano), multiple adjusting screws, and treated leather pads. The instruments feature Selmer USA mouthpieces that help to create an even tone, excellent response and steady intonation. New lighter weight cases thoroughly protect the instruments and offer excellent storage capacity. All models feature fine hand engraving on their bodies and bells.