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banjira Tabla Case, Wheeled, 2+1 BATISH Introduction To Tabla, DVD
Our Price: $239.00
Our Price: $65.90
Tabla Case, 2+1 Introduction To Tabla, DVD
Tabla Case, Wheeled, 2+1 (Item Code: TBCD) Premium quality tabla case made of a hard fiber impregnated shell.  On wheels and push-button locking handle system for easy maneuverability.  Top and side carry handles.  Also has a clasp for a lock.   Excellent for storing or transporting a strap-tuned tabla set plus extra Bayan. Approximatly 30 inches Tall, 14 inches  Deep and 14 inches  Wide. Shri Ashwin Batish starts this Tabla video from the very basics. This is a Must Have for every tabla student. The Tabla drum set has become the staple percussion diet of the Indian music scene. Although today it has found a permanent home in the classical music tradition of North India, it has also been the rhythm instrument of choice in folk and film music. This video deals with: Names of various drum parts - Bayan, Dayan, Pudi, Gatta, Gajara, etc.; Care of your Tabla set; Sitting Position; Tuning the Tabla; Proper left and right hand positions; Some important Tabla and Dagga sounds and their production; Combination sounds; Simple exercises.  The program Duration is 65 minutes, DVD.
BATISH Production of Tabla Bols, DVD banjira Tabla Lacing
Our Price: $65.90
Our Price: $19.90
Production of Tabla Bols, DVD Tabla Lacing
By Ashwin Batish.  A thorough collection of tabla bols. DVD. 11 meters of lacing to replace tabla heads.
banjira Tabla Cushion and Cover for Bayan, Deluxe banjira Tabla Cushion and Cover for Dayan, Deluxe
Our Price: $9.90
Our Price: $9.90
Tabla Cushion & Cover for Bayan, Deluxe Tabla Cushion & Cover for Dayan, Deluxe
Cushion and cover used to stand and protect the bayan.  Colors and Patterns will vary. Cushion and cover used to stand and protect the dayan.  Colors and Patterns will vary.
banjira Tabla Hammer banjira Learn to Play on Tabla, 2 Book Set
Our Price: $19.90
Our Price: $31.90
Tabla Hammer Learn to Play on Tabla, 2 Book Set
Replacement, for tuning the tabla.  Color may vary. Set of 2 books by Ram Avtar "Vir".  Covers parts of tablas, sitting positions, Boles, time and rhythm, tuning exercises, history, care, beginning tals, advanced talas, and more. (47 and 54 pages.)