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YAMAHA TYROS4 Arranger Workstation Yamaha YPG235 Portable Grand Casio 61-Key Electronic Lighted Keyboard w/ Integrated Lesson Plans, Mic & MP3 Player Input
Sale Price: $5,299.99
May Qualify for $50-$100 Rebate & 0% Financing
Our Price: $519.00
Our Price: $299.95
YAMAHA TYROS4 Arranger Workstation Yamaha YPG235 Portable Grand Casio Electronic Keyboard w/ Integrated Lesson
  • Sequencer: 16-Track / 30,000 Notes
  • Keyboard: 61 Full-size keys with Initial Touch/Aftertouch
  • MIDI: I/O A&B + USB to Host
  • Display: Large 7.5" Color TFT VGA (640 x 480)
  • Storage Device: 6MB Internal Flash, HD, USB Devices
  • Effects: 44 Reverb, 106 Chorus, 285 DSP x 9, Mast. Compressor, Mast. EQ Harmony/Echo
  • Voices and Comp: 1,083 GM2 / XG / GS Compatible
  • Harmony: 44 Vocal, 10 Vocoder
  • Vocal Effects: 23
  • Dual/Split: Yes - L1, R1, R2, R3
  • Multi Pads: 4 x 164 Banks
  • Polyphony: 128 Notes
  • In/Out Jacks: Phones; Footswitch (x3); Aux I/O; XLR/ 1/4" In; 2 x 1/4" Out
  • One Touch / Reg: 4 per Style
  • Power Supply: Internal
  • Songs: 5 Sample Songs
  • Included Accessories: Manual, Music Rest, CD-ROM
  • Styles: 500
  • Style Sections: 3 Intro/Endings + A-D + Fill x 4
  • Dimensions: 44.9" x 17.7" x 5.6"
  • Weight: 36 lbs.
An unbelievable bargain as a full-size MIDI controller. Learning to play piano has never been easier than with Casio’s LK-280. Featuring a 61 note keyboard with Lighted, Touch Sensitive keys, 570 sounds, 180 rhythms, built-in USB, an audio input for an MP3 player and a mic input, the LK-270 is the perfect way to learn to play keyboard.
Yamaha M06 61-Key Music Production Synthesizer YAMAHA PSR-S550B Arranger Workstation YAMAHA PSR-S710 Arranger Workstation
Our Price: $1,499.00
Our Price: $999.00
Our Price: $1,399.00
Yamaha M06 61-Key Music Production Synthesizer
Contemporary Music Production Synthesizer
  • Color: black
  • 61-key keyboard
  • 16-track/5-song/10,000-note sequencer
  • 320 x 240 black and white LCD display
  • Lyric and Score display
  • 774 sounds, 22 drum kits, GM/XG compatible
  • Supports Dual and Split
  • 64-note polyphony
  • 176 Styles + User Styles
  • 3 Style intros/endings, 4 fills
  • 4 One Touch Settings per style
  • 8 pads x 8 banks
  • 5 preset songs, 5 user songs
  • USB MIDI Slave
  • USB Storage
  • Effects: 36 reverb, 45 chorus, 239 DSP
  • Harmony: 26 types
  • Headphone jack
  • Sustain jack
  • Speakers: 2cm x 2 / 3cm x 2
  • Amplifier: 12W + 12W
  • Includes: PA-300 power supply
  • 37.2" x 15.8" x 5.1"
  • 16.53 lbs.
  • Keyboard: 61 Full-size with Touch Response
  • Display: Large 5.7" black and white
  • Lyric, Text, and Score support
  • Voices & Comp.: 891 GM / XG / GS Compatible
  • Dual/Split: Yes — L1, R1, R2
  • Polyphony: 128 Notes
  • One Touch / Reg.: 4 per Style / 8 pads x Unlimited
  • Music Database: Yes
  • Styles: 216 Pro + 16 Session + User
  • Style Sections: 3 Intro/Endings + A-D + Fill x 4
  • MIDI: In/Out + USB Slave
  • Storage Device: USB Device Support
  • Effects: 42 Reverbs, 71 Choruses
  • Harmony: 17 Types
  • Multi Pads: 4 x 80 Banks + User
  • In/Out Jacks: Headphones, 2 Footswitch, L/R Out, Aux In
  • Speakers: 2 x 12W
  • Power Supply: PA-301 (Included)
  • Included Acc.: Manual, M. Rest, Data Disk
  • Dimensions: 17-1/7" x 39-5/8" x 5-7/8"
YAMAHA PSR-OR700 Arranger Workstation- Replaced by the PSRA2000 Yamaha MOTIF XF6 Yamaha Motif XS6 61-Key Music Production Synthesizer w/ New FSX Keyboard
Our Price: $1,999.00
Our Price: $2,869.00
Yamaha Motif 61-Key Music Production Synthesizer
  • Keyboard: 61 Keys (C1 ~ C6) with Touch Response (Initial Touch)
  • Polyphony: 96 notes max.
  • Display: 5.7 inch QVGA B/W LCD capable of Lyric and Score display
  • Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • Sound Source: AWM Stereo Sampling
  • 862 Preset Voices: 360 Voices + 22 Drum/SFX Kits + 480 XG Voices
  • Compatibility: GM, GM2, XG, GS (for song playback)
  • MegaVoices: 10
  • Sweet! Voices: 11
  • Cool! Voices: 18
  • Live! Voices: 14
  • Organ Flutes: Nine footages using modeling technology
  • Voice Layer: Right1, Right2 (You can layer 2 voices at a time)
  • Voice Split: Lower1 (with hold function)
  • Custom Voice: yes
  • Reverb: 34 Preset + 3 User
  • Chorus: 29 Preset + 3 User
  • DSP 1: 191 Preset + 3 User
  • DSP 2 ~ 4: 106 Preset + 10 User
  • Poly/Mono: Yes - Portamento Time is adjustable in Mono Mode
  • Harmony/Echo: 17 Presets
  • Master EQ (5 Band): 5 Presets + 2 User
  • Part EQ (2 Band): 28 Parts (R1, R2, Left, Style x 8, Song x 16, Multi Pads)
  • Touch Response: Initial touch on/off
  • Tempo: 5 ~ 500, Tap Tempo
  • Master Tuning: 414.8 ~ 440Hz ~ 466.8
  • Scale Tunings: Equal Temperament, Bayat, Rast, Pure Major, Pure Minor, Pythagorean, Mean-Tone, Werckmeister, Kirnberger
  • Transpose: -12 ~ 0 ~ 12 (Assignable Keyboard/Song/Master)
  • Upper Octave: -1, 0 +1
  • Part Octave: -2, -1, 0, +1, +2
  • Real-time Controllers: Pitch Bend Wheel, Modulation Wheel
  • Preset Styles: 314 Preset Styles in 11 Categories + User Category Pro Styles: 302; Session Styles: 12
  • User Styles: Save to User Drive or USB Drive
  • Control: Accompaniment On/Off, OTS Link, Auto Fill in, Intro x 3, Fill In x 4, Break x 1, Main Sections x 4, Ending x 3, Fade In/Out, Tap Tempo, Sync Start, Sync Stop, Ritardando
  • Parts: 8 Parts with full mixer control
  • Fingering Types: Single Finger, Multi Finger, Fingered, On Bass, Full Keyboard, AI (Artificial Intelligence) Fingered, AI Full Keyboard
Yamaha MOTIF XF6

61-key workstation with with FSX keyboard (with aftertouch)
AWM2 Tone Generator with Expanded Articulation
741MB Wave ROM, 3,977 waveforms
1,024 normal voices, 64 drum kits
128 normal GM voices, one drum kit
128 presets by four banks and 32 drum kit presets
18 filter types
Scores of effects
Built-in sampling support and 128M SDRAM
16-track, approximately 130,000-note sequencer
5-scene memory per song
USB host and device connections
Ethernet computer connection
L/R output, L/R assignable output, digital output
Standard 1/4" headphones jack
Slot for optional FW16E card
Puts breakthrough sounds and tools for making music in your hands.
Yamaha YPG635 Digital Piano Yamaha MM6 61-Key Music Synthesizer Workstation Yamaha MM8 88-Key Music Synthesizer Workstation
Our Price: $1,369.00
Our Price: $699.00
Our Price: $1,299.99
Yamaha YPG635 Digital Piano Yamaha MM6 61-Key Music Synthesizer Workstation Yamaha MM8 88-Key Music Synthesizer Workstation
An unbelievable bargain as a full-size MIDI controller. 61-note keyboard that combines the sounds of the Motif and street-smart grooves from around the world. 88-note keyboard that combines the sounds of the Motif and street-smart grooves from around the world.
Korg M361 61-Key Music Workstation/Sampler + Korg MR-1 Handheld DSD Recorder (an $899 value) REBATE! Korg X50 61-key Portable Music Synthesizer w/USB MIDI Casio CTK-3200 Portable Keyboard
Our Price: $3,000.00
Our Price: $899.00
Our Price: $199.99
Sale Price: $129.99
Korg M361 61-Key Music Workstation/Sampler + Korg MR-1 Handheld DSD Recorder (an $899 value) REBATE! Korg X50 61-key Portable Music Synthesizer
OASYS-inspired power comes to the M series! The sonic power of the TRITON series in a portable keyboard. Enhanced high-quality basic functions!
Improved sound quality and keyboard feel

  • The Casio CTK-3200 is an affordable instrument with a 61 Key Piano Style Touch Sensitive Keyboard, 400 total onboard Tones, 150 Rhythms and Digital Effects. Packed with great features such as Casio’s famous Step-up Lesson System, audio inputs for a MP3 player, USB port for MIDI implementation and a pitch wheel for additional expression over sounds. All this makes CTK-3200 more realistic and expressive than ever before at this price range.
  • 61 Piano-style keys
  • 400 built-in tones
  • 48 Maximum Polyphony
  • 150 rhythms and Auto Accompaniments for Latin music and other styles from around the world
  • A wide selection of tones (400 high-quality tones)
  • 110 Song Bank tunes including 20 Exercise phrases (Song Book provided*
  • Metronome feature for lesson support
  • Lesson part select
  • Voice Fingering Guide
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Music Challenge
  • AUDIO IN jack
  • Sampling function
  • Digital effects
  • Touch Response
  • Piano-style keyboard
  • AHL* sound source
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  • The Yamaha YSS-875EXSHG silver soprano sax with both new G2 necks is flat out stunning. Its keywork and intonation is remarkably excellent

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