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Selmer CL601 Student Comp. Clarinet - USED / MINT
List Price: $872.00
Store 800-860-4077

  • Composite body
  • .578" molded bore
  • Molded mouthpiece
  • Nickel-plated keys
  • 5072 case provided
  • Selmer Bb Clarinet CL211
    Selmer Student Model CL211 Bb Clarinet
    List Price: $1,903.00
    TODAY'S SALES PRICE! $1,429.00
    May Qualify for $50 - $100 Rebate.

    The CL211 will not disappoint players who are looking for that beautiful, warm, clarinet sound. The Selmer CL211 clarinet is a medium small bore clarinet that is designed to help players achieve a warm, well controlled, focused tone. It features undercut tone holes for a smoother scale, hard rubber mouthpiece for a more mature sound, and is made from unstained, aged, grenadilla wood.

    Selmer 1430LP Bb Bass Clarinet
    Selmer 1430LP Bb Bass Clarinet
    List Price: $2,448.00
    TODAY'S SALES PRICE! $1,869.00
    May Qualify for $50 - $100 Rebate.

    The Selmer 1430 Bass Clarinet has been a standard in the industry for many years. New for 2011, Selmer has revised the 1430 series with several bore and construction improvements that has propelled this bass clarinet into the most impressive performing student bass clarinet on the market!

    Selmer 1400B Student Comp. Clarinet - USED / MINT
    List Price: $1,055.00
    TODAY'S SALES PRICE! $791.25

    • USA Composite
    • .590" molded bore
    • Wood-like finish
    • Straight tone holes
    • Nickel-plated keys, BP201 mouthpiece
    • Clarinet case (50725)

    Selmer 22 Eb Alto Clarinet
    List Price: $13,181.00
    TODAY'S SALES PRICE! $10,819.00
    May Qualify for $50 - $100 Rebate.

    • Bore: .668"
    • Two piece grenadilla body.
    • Silver-plated keys-bell-neck.
    • Range to low Eb
    • Keys: 18 (Boehm) / Silver Plated
    • 7 covered finger holes
    • Includes: Case / mouthpiece / ligature and cap

    Selmer 23 Step-Up/Pro Clarinet
    List Price: $10,180.00
    TODAY'S SALES PRICE! $6,829.00
    May Qualify for $50 - $100 Rebate.

    • Key of A
    • .573" bore
    • Two-piece Grenadilla body
    • Range to low C
    • Undercut tone holes
    • 22 keys, 6 rings, silver plated keys, floor peg

    Selmer 40 Eeb Contra Alto Clarinet
    List Price: $23,391.00
    TODAY'S SALES PRICE! $17,569.00
    May Qualify for $50 - $100 Rebate.

    • .988" bore
    • Two-piece rosewood body
    • Range to low Eb
    • 18 keys, 7 covered finger holes
    • Silver-plated keys-bell-neck
    • Floor peg

    Selmer 41 BBb Contra Alto Clarinet
    List Price: $41,174.00
    TODAY'S SALES PRICE! $30,879.00
    May Qualify for $50 - $100 Rebate.

    • Rosewood body
    • Silver-plated keys-bell-neck
    • Includes: case / mouthpiece / cap and ligature
    • Body Construction: Rosewood
    • Bore: 1.333"
    • Key Style: Articulated G#
    • Keys: 29 (Boehm) / Silver Plated
    • Range: Low C
    Selmer 65 Bb Bass Clarinet
    List Price: $14,456.00
    TODAY'S SALES PRICE! $10,849.00
    May Qualify for $50 - $100 Rebate.

    • Neck: Adjustable neck, silver plated nickel-silver(two angulation options)
    • Mouthpiece : Selmer-Paris " C 85 / 120 "
    • Bell: Silver plated brass
    • Peg: Adjustable peg
    • Key: Bb
    • Bore : 23.40mm
    • Keys: Silver plated nickel-silver keys
    • Body: Grenadilla
    • Springs: Blue steel needle springs
    • Pitch: 442
    • Case: "Light" case
    • Pads: Leather pads with metal boosters

    Selmer 67 Bb Bass Clarinet
    List Price: $16,863.00
    TODAY'S SALES PRICE! $12,659.00
    May Qualify for $50 - $100 Rebate.

    • Upper and lower joints in Grenadilla wood
    • Silver-plated nickel silver and brass keywork
    • Silver-plated brass bell
    • Range to low C
    • Includes: case / mouthpiece / cap and ligature

    Selmer B15ODY Step-Up/ Pro Clarinet
    Selmer B15ODY Step-Up/ Pro Clarinet
    List Price: $5,625.00
    TODAY'S SALES PRICE! $3,349.00
    May Qualify for $50 - $100 Rebate.

    • Key of Bb
    • .571" bore
    • Grenadilla wood body
    • undercut toneholes
    • 17 silver-plated keys and 6 silver-plated rings
    • Blows similarly to the Signature, but with a more open sound

    Selmer B1610R Step-Up/ Pro Clarinet
    List Price: $9,086.00
    TODAY'S SALES PRICE! $5,409.00
    May Qualify for $50 - $100 Rebate.

    • Bb Soprano - .567" bore
    • Thick grenadilla wood body
    • 18 keys-6 rings
    • Silver-plated keys
    • The Recital has an optional low F resonance key that provides additional venting for a clearer tone on low F

    Selmer B16PR Step-Up/ Pro Clarinet
    Selmer B16PR Step-Up/ Pro Clarinet
    List Price: $10,593.00
    TODAY'S SALES PRICE! $6,329.00
    May Qualify for $50 - $100 Rebate.

    • Bb Soprano
    • Grenadilla wood body
    • Undercut tone holes
    • 18 keys-6 rings
    • Silver plated keys
    Selmer B16SIG Step-Up/ Pro Clarinet
    Selmer B16SIG Step-Up/ Pro Clarinet
    List Price: $9,194.00
    TODAY'S SALES PRICE! $5,509.00
    May Qualify for $50 - $100 Rebate.

    • Bb Soprano - .571" bore
    • Grenadilla wood body
    • Undercut tone holes
    • LH Eb lever
    • 18 keys-6 rings, silver-plated keys

    Selmer B16SL Step-Up/ Pro Clarinet
    List Price: $7,390.00
    TODAY'S SALES PRICE! $3,919.00
    May Qualify for $50 - $100 Rebate.

    • Rich, open sound
    • Key of Bb
    • .571" bore
    • Easy blowing emission
    • Broad dynamics
    • Balanced tuning
    • Great projection
    • 2 conical bore barrels-2.62" and 2.54"
    • Standard Boehm keys (17 keys, 6 rings)
    •  left-hand Eb/Ab lever
    • stabilized grenadilla wood barrels, body joints, and bell
    •  leather pads and resonator pads on the 3 low notes
    • metal tenon sockets and adjustable thumbrests
    Selmer B16THEA Step-Up/ Pro Clarinet
    List Price: $6,580.00
    TODAY'S SALES PRICE! $3,499.00
    May Qualify for $50 - $100 Rebate.

    • Bore diameter: 14.50mm/0.571 inch
    • Pitch: 442
    • Delivered with two barrels: 66mm and 65mm
    • Undercut Tone Holes
    • Grenadilla wood
    • Silver-plated keys

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    • My takeaway: your excellent service really shines not only when things go well . . . but you and your team really went the extra mile to help ensure a great outcome when things beyond your control went south. Truly appreciated.

    • Pleased and comforted to know that when I dial the number indicated that I actually got to speak to a customer service rep. Great pricing !

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    • It was so easy to place my order, and I feel safe with this credit card in this site.

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    • They got the best price for clarinets and flutes. I also bought an accordion. I like my experience overall and would recommend them."

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    • Wonderful! Went without any problems, service was quick, and sales help guided me through. Very helpful.

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