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Remo Dual Slider Percussion Strap, 110-Inch Doumbek, 8"x14", Fiberskynr
Our Price: $47.40
Our Price: $105.00
Dual Slider 110" Percussion Strap Doumbek, 8"x14", Fiberskynr
A dual shoulder strap designed to support your drum in comfort.  The Slider T is ergonomically designed to support your instrument for hours of play.  Just clip to the hardware on your drum and you are ready to play.   A continuous 110 inch long 2 inch wide strap wraps over both shoulders crossing between your shoulder blades.; adjustable, medium size.

Doumbek, 8"x14", Fiberskynr

Nickeled brass doumbek.  Embossed with floral patterns.  Tunable with bolts.
Mid-East Wooden Doumbek with Fixed Goatskin Head, Pharaonic Designs, Black, Small, 6-by-9-Inch Remo Diane 15" x 8" Pre-Tuned Doumbek
Our Price: $26.90
Our Price: $112.00
Pharaonic Wooden Small Doumbek Remo Diane 15" x 8" Pre-Tuned Doumbek
Small, 6" x 9" wooden Doumbek with a Pharaonic Design.  Has a fixed natural goat skin head.  The tuning ropes are decorative and non-functional.    The black background makes the primary colors in the designs really pop on these drums.  Tell your friends it was a gift from the Pharaoh.    This drum is 9 inches high and 6 inches wide at the collar, with a 5 inch playing surface.

Remo Diane 15" x 8" Pre-Tuned Doumbek

8-Inch Embossed Doumbek Remo Doumbek Bag, Deluxe
Our Price: $53.00
Our Price: $53.26
8-Inch Embossed Doumbek Remo Deluxe Doumbek Bag

8-Inch Embossed Doumbek

Approximately 18 3/4" H x 12 1/2" head diameter x 8 1/4" base.
Remo Doumbek, Tunable Soloist, Turquoise, 10-Inch Bardic Productions Playing Along with African Rhythms, Drils, by Sean Richards
Our Price: $479.00
Our Price: $17.90
Bardic Productions Playing Along with African Rhythms, Drils, by Sean Richards
REMO Doumbek with ERGO-DRUM Sytem uses state-of-the-art technology that once again lifts the bar and ushers a new innovative drum to the world.  They are light weight, durable and will survive any outdoor drumming activity.10" Internal Tuning Finish:  METALIZEDT Turquoise Playing Along with African Rhythms (Item Code: LDPA-AR1)   Hand Technique and Drills for Djembe, By Sean Richards. This instructional CD is designed to give drumming and dance students experience with African Rhythms.  This CD goes over the proper hand technique and drill work for playing on the Djembe, this technique also works for Ashiko, and other African style drums played between your legs.  There are a number of drills on this CD that will allow you to improve your drumming at a fast rate.  There are 28 drills in addition to the Hand Technique tracks a great learning tool for the beginner on up.