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WHY RENT? When PURCHASING NEW can save you 100% more!!!

Why is ownership of an instrument better than renting? 
                                     "It is about care, responsibility and making a smart investment."
  • Students naturally learn to care more for a new instrument because it is theirs to own and they want to protect its value.
  • Students show appreciation, take more responsibility in their learning when it is their instrument, especially when it is a shiny-brand new instrument, and new instruments are easier to play and to learn.
  • When purchasing a new instrument, it is an investment that can maintain its value and can be resold for up 80% of cost and it comes complete with a 1-5 year manufacture warranty for peace of mind, some lasting up to 10 years.


Rental instruments are usually generic brands or USED /Refurbished brand name instruments. In addition, rental programs have many fees and extra charges to cover for its program flaws and generally are hard to dispute or claim.

Simple Example:
                Rental vs. Purchase

Brand Name New Trumpet Outfit: List for $800.00
  1. Rental (new trumpet):
    1. $25.00 (not including extra fees) x 12 months = $300.00 and no equity/value.
  1. Purchase (new trumpet):
    1. $400 purchase for unlimited usage and comes w/ 1-10 year warranty, etc. Has general resale value of up to 80% of its sales price and not list price. And the purchase can even be finance with 0% interest, into low monthly payments of less than $25 a month.

INSTRUMENT STORES make their profit from instrument rentals, and then resale the instruments at List/Full Price. Do not be deceived by instrument stores giving you 6 months of rental credits towards a purchase of your rental because the instrument is being sold for at the List/Full Price, not at a true "sales price," generally 50% off the list price!

  • Financially, renting only makes sense when it serves the purpose of supporting a student in a short-term music program of 3-5 months. But even then, it is a more cost efficient to buy a generic brand instrument new with a 1 year warranty because it will assure the instrument at last for one whole year free of any defects.
  • When renting an instrument for more than 3 months, it generally will become a lost to the customer and a win for the instrument store. And it is not worth renting any used instruments...they are generally a loss because it causes problems that causes the student more discouragement, frustration and lost of their practice time.